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I'm glad I didn't sign up, considering how I bought a couple of pairs of shoes, a new belt, new straps for my new Seiko OM and Seagull 1963, and some completely unnecessary ties -- all just this weekend.
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Madras long tie and some pieces from the Cordial Churchman are calling… Must. Remain. Strong.
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Lufty that's cruel. be strong...but if you weaken, the dog house has just been freshly cleaned.

To all,
Sorry I haven't got the list up yet. My mother just passed away and everything is upside-down here.
Will get list up soon as I can.
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Man of Lint, I am terribly sorry to hear that.
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Please take your time. We are staying strong. Your family is in my prayers.
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MoL, I'm very sorry to hear that about your mom. You and your family are in my thoughts.
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My condolences on your loss.
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Lint: sorry for your loss man. I hope that your family is doing okay. Posted via Tapatalk
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Lint - Sorry about your loss. As an update: Part B 1) Done! 2) Done - hemmed / repaired some blazers 3) Done! Donated some shoes, shirts, sweaters, pants, and a jacket. Part C As stated before - I hung up my Tweed for the month. Part D I cracked Bought a YSL suit It was too good to pass up. I was thinking of buying some pocket squares for a wedding I'm attending next week, but now I'm not sure anymore. BAH!
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I failed as well -- today's mail brought a new pair of loafers.
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MoL - very sorry to hear about your loss, I hope you are doing well.

Even though I already sinned and bought 4 shirts earlier in the month, I just sold 2 pairs of Mabitex on the B/S to recoup most of my money!
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Part A
So far, so good. To be truthful, I don't even feel the urge to buy anything clothing related. I'll probably be joining June's NPC as well.

Part B
I have done spring cleaning, repair and I'm going through everything with an eye to reducing the wardrobe. Did sports jackets and tomorrow it's time to weed out the pants.

Part C
I have a coveted shirt that I have not touched this month.

Part D
No infidelities. It's fecking clothes man, if you can't go a month without buying something you're a chick.
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Confession: I had to use my emergency fund for some new running shoes - my old ones are cactus and not doing any exercise (or barefoot exercise) for a month in winter wasn't a healthy option. I am proud I managed to get a pair for <$100 so my NPC vows are in tact.

Have had an "autumn clean" and haven't worn my new cashmere sweater purchased in April. Also got a couple of suits drycleaned and buttons re-attached to jackets etc.

This has been easy so far - keep strong brothers.
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I cracked Again I had intentions of buying a pocket square for an upcoming wedding, which i did but the store had a 30% off sale, so I grabbed a new (unnecessary) dress shirt. bah!
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Bought some more stuff...I really went off the deep end in May. Got a Zegna SC off eBay, some Epaulet trousers, and a couple more shirts. On the plus side I did sell some more pants on the B/S, and I have a stack of old clothes to bring to Goodwill. I'm definitely going to do better in June after splurging this month.
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