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I joined last month...and completely blew it within the first week. Im jsut gonna promise to spend less this month than i did last month. haha
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i celebrated last months success with 3 ties and a pair of shoes yesterday. prob shot my load for the month, so since its before may 4 ill give it a shot.

though my b day is at the end of the month all monies received will try to be held for june

not wearing my silk versace boxers
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No can do this month. I need to topy a pair of AEs and I'm looking for another job, so I'll be forced to wear my Canali for job interviews.

See you in June!
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I'm in. My bank account definitely needs the vacation! I'll be shelving my Giorgio Armani Classico Grey Flannel suit that I purchased as a memento of my wonderful two years living in Florence, Italy. This is going to be hard.
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I am in this month. Not wearing my BB Navy Sack suit.
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Well, I made a minor purchase yesterday in celebration of making it all of April.

I think that may have been enough to rejuvenate me and prepare me for May. I'm in. I'll forgo my AE Strands and BB Navy Sports Coat.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post
though my b day is at the end of the month all monies received will try to be held for june

Same. My birthday is on the 20th but any $ or gift cards can wait until June to be spent.
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I'm in. Been meaning to sign up for this for a while. Will not be wearing my JLP Suede Kiltons
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Well I am buying a laptop for school probably by the end of this month, I'm hoping they release os x lion by then, and a backpack. It is for school though, does this automatically exclude me? Since I do not have a huge wardrobe like some of you I will give up what I enjoy wearing the watch, something about wearing a watch makes me feel different. Lol Posted via Tapatalk
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Hi guys, I'm in! Won't be wearing my new blue blazer in May.
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Haha I seriously need this - spent WAY too much the last two months and I've gotten to the stage where I put off looking at my BB and BB/CC statements.

I'm in.

I will give up my TF ties + Attolini suit for the month.
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After an expensive April I commit myself to the NPC for May. I will repair and do maintenance, and do spring cleaning while I'm at it. That and buy not a damned clothing related item.

As for what to deny myself for a will be my favourite blue gingham shirt.

This I swear.
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Count me OUT. I don't see the point of this. Not only that, it appears the economy is on the mend and we need to do everything we can to help. I am going to start the "I promise to purchase at least one grenadine tie each week of the month of May from Hober" club. Anybody want to join me for the month of May? I've already purchased 2 Hober's this month and have 7 that I am awaiting delivery. I have another 5 in the shopping cart that I am trying to decide on.
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I'm in. I blew it in April (though it was a lighter month than usual). Really need to consolidate what I have for a bit so no new stuff for me in May.

Will also give up wearing both of my new cashmere sweaters for the month... will be touching them a lot though.
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If I make a purchase between now and the 4th am I breaking the commitment? I wasn't expecting LeatherSoul to introduce such a beautiful boot today
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