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Uniqlo Premium Linen Shirts

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Does anyone have experience with the long-sleeve linen shirts being sold by Uniqlo right now? I am thinking of ordering a few, but I don't live in NY so I wanted to get some feedback before pulling the trigger.

I'm referring to these:
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I was gonna buy some, but they felt pretty scratchy. Maybe I'm just not used to linen shirts.
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Wearing one right now.
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Originally Posted by GBear View Post
Wearing one right now.

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Wearing one right now too. Very slim I have to say.
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I bought three some weeks ago - the sky blue, navy blue and orange. Naturally enough, they're not Borrelli. However, given that they are about $30 each, from memory, the shirts are great for the price. Quite slim-fitting, nice feel to the cloth, and nice colours. Note that the collars do not have stays, removable or otherwise. Given that I'm never going to wear a tie with these shirts, I don't think that matters.
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Great casual shirts I think. Not as thick linen as my old non-premium linen Uniqlo shirts, but still nice enough, particularly for the price. I've got quite a lot of them, I pretty much always wear linen shirts casually.
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Got one from their NY store via email order. It's comfy and slim fitting. Can't complain.
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sleeves are relatively short, i believe something like 31.5 for a size small. This was the major deterrant for me. If they fit you i'd go for it.
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Anyone wear them untucked? I'm searching for a good shirt to wear casually with linen shorts (think beach wear/very very casual where pants are a no-no)

Wish they didn't have a pocket
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I bought two in M. I think they're a bit long to wear untucked, though I would never tuck them in. Would it be crazy to have a tailor shorten them? I was going to try washing them, maybe even throw in the dryer for 10-20 minutes, to see if the naturally wrinkling shortens them at all. They are slim though I wish they were slimmer in the waist and hips. Overall nice shirts though.
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