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Need help summer suit

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I need a suit that looks killer. What color style and fabric should I go for with a suit that will be worn in the summer? What color shirt and tie should I go with? This is for a dinner at very expensive resturant. Any help at all is appreciated, pic or links would be a plus.
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All I can recomend is in this months GQ thney have a section on the hottest summer suits that will keep you looking and feeling cool. Check it out, it's on news stands now.
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It's hard to answer this question without more information. For example: what type of dinner is this - business? Pleasure? Is formal or semiformal or casual dress expected? Who will be at this dinner? Where is this restaurant? I would think that a very expensive restaurant in the Tuscan countryside might be different from a very expensive restaurant in New York. Despite what nearly every men's magazine tells you, dark suits in wool (try tropical weight wool) are nearly always more suitable for evening events and are more versatile and generally more elegant besides. If I was invited to such a dinner, and did not have any of the above information, I might choose a slim-cut single-breasted two button charcoal Gucci or YSL Rive Gauche (Tom Ford makes good clothes for the evening) suit in a summer weight wool to be safe. Of course, if you are the boss/host, you can wear whatever you want to to set the tone. I assume that you are not, or else you wouldn't be asking this question. In my perfect dinner dream, though, I am wearing a black double-breasted Kiton (I like the Neopolitan cut) jacket with a lilac and emerald window pane pattern paired with charcoal and violet chalk-stripe (not pinstripe - the contrast with the jacket must be clear) pants. I would pair this with am open collared rumpled linen shirt. Of course, in the dream, I am also a rich, with a reputaton for eclectic but impeccable taste, so I could get away with stuff like that.
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This is going to be a romantic dinner just me and my gf.  The restaurant is in Fl.  Semi-formal.  I don't want to look like a waiter.  What color combination should I go with?  I really like charcoal colored suits.  I will definitely pick up the GQ today.
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Since it's a romantic dinner, you probably want to keep it low key and fairly relaxed. I would go with a midnight blue suit, which is warmer and deeper than black under a soft light, and the solid dark color will make her think that you are a solid guy as well as an elegant one. Crepe wool or a wool/silk blend would both be good materials to look for. I would pair that with a cream colored shirt in either cotton or linen; again, the cream color will soften the look. I would leave the tie at home and the collar open - its a romantic dinner, not a business meeting. If you want to wear a tie though, I would probably choose pale blue, and a woven or knit rather than a print. Good luck.
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LAG: Am I reading this right? A Kiton windowpane jacket with pin striped pants? Love the colors, by the way, and choice of THE tailored garment. And the suggestion for the suit is excellent, IMHO.
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Steve B., Yes, yes, I'm actually a big fan of tailored clothing from the traditional houses like Kiton and Isaia. On the other hand, Gucci and Helmut Lang just seem more apropos for the younger, faster scene - clubs and the like. And I am most comfortable trolling around the Haight-Ashbury or Santa Monica in jeans and sneakers. I guess we've just got to dress as the occasion demands. If you don't feel comfortable in a Brioni suit, dinner at Cirque might not be your thing. If you don't like sneakers and jeans, you might not like Venice Beach so much. If you don't like oversized parachute pants with one leg rolled up, sideways baseball caps, and tank shirts, you might want to reconsider why you're at the rave. As for the window-pane, chalkstripe combination, it's not easy; but when it works, it would be terrific. The secret is to have the colors slightly mismatching and to have the spacing and the width of the stripes considerably different. Of course, 9 time out of 10 guys will look like Bozo the clown. The trick is to be the elegant 10th man... or the discernment to know that you're not him. BTW, thanks for the compliment.
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