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Suit jacket as sports coat?

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I am looking for a slim fit, 38S sports coat and I ran across a dark brown suit on Macy's website (link and attached image below).

Would this work as a sports coat with black or khacki pants?

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I am afraid no.
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A better choice would be a navy blue suit, you can pass the suit jacket off as a navy sportcoat.
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It wouldn't work very well, but it wouldn't be shocking either.
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Not really. I think it becomes more acceptable if you switch the buttons for non-suit buttons and, as always, what shirt/tie/trousers/shoes you match with matters.

I've worn some of my suit jackets more casually, usually with jeans, and whether it works all depends on the fabric/pairings. A trim-fitting glen plaid with natural shoulders works better than a navy pinstripe with extensive padding.
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I think the jacket from a casual suit--e.g., a tweed or a casually styled jacket with patch pockets--can do double-duty as a sport coat. A jacket from a conservative business suit will always look sort of third-rate in this role...at least in my opinion.
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