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Band of Outsiders, Wings + Horns, Nudie, J.Crew 484, APC, NDC - 27/06!!

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After a semi-hiatus of buying and selling on the board, I've got a bunch of items that I'm clearing out. Unfortunately, Imageshack put the kibosh on the way I normally list my items, so I've moved everything over to Photobucket. Multiple photos of each item can be seen here:
Photos can be viewed at:

All items include Surface Shipping to EU/Asia, Airmail shipping within the US & Expedited Shipping within Canada, with included insurance up to $100. Measurements have been provided where possible.

As a reference point, I am S in Gitman/most brands, M/2 in BoO, between 30-32 in most denim brands (30 APC/31 Dior/31-32 J.Crew), and around a 10.5 in most shoe brands.

Club Monaco slim summer mac jacket, size XS. I actually got this last fall hoping to wear it in the spring, but I managed to get my hands on a W+H mac for the spring, so this literally saw no wear--have still have the tag for it as well. A near-identical version is currently selling at CM for much more. $70.

Denim / Pants

Nudie Thin Finn Crispy Crinkles, size 33 x 30. Jeans are tagged 33 x 34, but I had them hemmed to a 30" inseam (with the original cuff). Bought them at Holt Renfrew during Boxing Week, but I should have bought a 32. Great wash, it's very close in style, distress and colour to the Dior Dust Wash. $75. Waist 16.75" / Cuff 7.5" / Inseam 30"

Nudie Grim Tim Black Selvedge, size 32 x 34. Bought these off another forum member, but not the right style of black denim I'm looking for. Jeans show no significant wear. $75. Waist 17" / Cuff 7.5" / Inseam 33.5"

Nudie Thin Finn Dark Superblue, size 32 x 32. Purchased these off eBay, I loved the wash but wasn't crazy about the fit (seems like Nudie's sizing is quite inconsistent). These have 1 or 2% elastane in them. They also had some preemptive crotch reinforcement done. $65. Waist 16.5 / Cuff 7" / Inseam 31.5"

4 Pairs J.Crew 484 Slim Fit Jeans 31-32/30. I have 4 pairs of J.Crew 484 slim fit jeans that I just don't wear enough (or never wore at all). All pairs except for the medium wash are 31/30; the medium wash pair is 32/30, but they fit like the 31's (I guess they ran a little small for this pair). The indigo (non-selvedge) pair hasn't been worn but I don't have the tags, the others have been worn less than 6 times total. Asking $45/pair, or all 4 pairs for $160.

APC New Cure H, size 31. Absolutely stunning jeans, I got these last year in a trade for a pair of Diors I had. These were worn for more than a year, and have been washed 2 or 3 times. The wear on this pair is amazing. The crotch has been pre-emptively reinforced, and there are no holes or tears anywhere. You'll never see another pair like these again. Sad to see them go, but they're not seeing as much wear as they should. $80.


Wings + Horns Burnt Orange Large Loop Hoodie, size M. Bought this 2 weeks ago on sale at J+O, but I'm having second thoughts. I can't return it, so I'm looking to recoup my costs. $135 ($115+13% tax + shipping - %5 drop)

Shoes - Please note that none of the shoes have their original boxes except where noted, sorry!

Sperry x Band of Outsiders F/W 2010 Chukka Boot, size 10. These were only tried on at the office, but like the CP Tournament's, I never really had a spot for them in my wardrobe. The shoes have a leather-y appearance, but are synthetic. $115.

Sperry x Band Of Outsiders Boiled Wool Boat Shoes, Size 10.5.
I kept this pair at the office and wore them minimally on the days I wore boots to work in the winter, they're like new. $105.

Quoddy x South Willard Blue Suede Boat Shoes, Size 9.5W. I LOVE these shoes, and would gladly trade for a 10 or 10.5. I'd also trade for the yellow ones that were out last year. A really unique pair of shoes, and quite hard to find. They have been worn sparingly. They will come with the South Willard dust bag, but the side stitching of the bag is coming loose. $130.

NDC Rico Oxfords, size 42.5. A beautiful pair of shoes I bought new off the forums last year, but I don't need to wear dress shoes to work, and I rarely wore them outside of special occasions. They're in perfect condition, but there is a little scuffing on the toes (specifically the right shoe--see photos via the link at the top of this post). $140.

NDC Penny Loafers, size 43.
I bought these awhile ago, and wore them more than the oxfords, but for the same reason, they've got to go. Beautiful shoes in a really cool grey/brown colour. $120. I do have the box and shoe bags for this pair, which will be provided, of course.

Common Projects Warm Grey Desert Boots, Size 44. Bought these off another member, they saw limited wear as they were too large for me. Does not come with dust bag or box, sorry. SOLD.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Common Projects Tournament Mid, size 42. Great shoes, but I don't wear much beyond the Achilles Low. Sorry, I don't have the box or dust bags. SOLD.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Nixon Rotolog Dark Wood. I got this watch a few years ago when the Rotolog first came out, and I wore it for the latter half of my university years. I've since moved onto a Chris Ward and Uniform Wares duo. Watch is in excellent mechanical shape, and has some superficial, small scratches consistent with regular wear. I also had to add in one black link on the underside for the watch to fit my wrist, but it can be taken out if you have small wrists. The watch also takes two batteries--the battery for the watch itself is perfect, but the other will need to be replaced in order to use the light/indiglo feature. SOLD

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Gant Rugger F/W 2010 Varsity, size medium. Very sought after jacket, I wore it less than 6 times to work. I love the style, and I love the quality, but it just hasn't seen enough wear to justify keeping it. SOLD.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thom Browne F/W 2010 Oxford, size 1. Bought at Holt Renfrew in October. I have a bunch of other white oxfords, so this didn't see much wear. SOLD.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thick As Thieves Suit, Size 36-38ish (measurements below).
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Bought this off another member a year or two ago, and I wore it twice. The fabric was a custom-supplied Loro Piana birdseye-type wool, and it is extremely soft and supple. The pants and jacket just need too much tailoring work to fit me properly. There is also a small tear in the lining of the pants, see photos. $170.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

3-Roll-2 / Single vent / ticket pocket / Functional buttonholes / slim fit pants / regular pant pockets.
Pants: Waist 16.25" / Cuff 8" / Inseam 29.5" w/ 2.5-3" to let down. Jacket: 17.5" Shoulder / 20" Chest / 30" Length / 23" Sleeves

Supreme x Kaws Box T-Shirt, Size Medium. Bought it the day Supreme released the line online, but I didn't like the fit. It's brand new, and will come with whatever stickers they included (see photos). SOLD.


Thom Browne Button Down, Size 0. Bought this off Cid (I think?) a few months ago, and I absolutely love the shirt, but it's a pinch too small. Would love to trade someone for a size 1 if there was one floating around. The inside tag had a strike through, but has since washed out. SOLD.

Band Of Outsiders 'This Is Not A Polo'...Polo. Size 1. Brand new with tags. SOLD

W+H Navy Cords, size 32. Bought these off eBay all excited thinking these were the corded cloth pants from F/W 2010. These fit (and look) exactly the same as the corded cloth pants, but they are actually cords. Great fit, I just can't pull off the cords. SOLD. Waist 17" / Cuff 7" / Inseam 32"

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subscribed. waiting on pics and measurements
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I'm very interested in he CP desert boots, chukka and possibly the Thom Brown shirt.

Can you comment on the sizing of the shoes? I'm normally a 10.5 and haven't been able to decide between the 43 or 44, as well as measurements of the shirt?
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great thread. free bump
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Wonder if that suit would work for me...
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Added Gant Varsity jacket & Thom Browne oxford.
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125 for CP's? seriously? someone cop..
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What chest size is a Thom Browne size 1 associated with? 36?
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What's the size on Gant Varsity? also measurements?
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PM'ed you about the CP's...
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Originally Posted by cicero79 View Post
What's the size on Gant Varsity? also measurements?

I'm interested too. Damn you, devil!
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Originally Posted by Blackmaged View Post
125 for CP's? seriously? someone cop..
Just did Sent money and waiting for the shipment to arrive! free bump at the same time, thanks for the trade!
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PM'd about the suit!
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Price drops.
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Price drops on shoes, and a ton of new stuff added.
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