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How can I wear my dress shoes everyday?

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I have a pair of CJ Hallam dress shoes, I would like to wear them more regularly rather than every other day, as I understand the break is for letting the moisture be sucked into the shoe trees so the shoes don't get creases?

Now if I want to wear these shoes everyday is there anything I can do so that it would be possible? Maybe have a fan blow air on the shoes every night so they dry quicker? Any other suggestions?
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You could get a second pair of the same shoe. But there are so many nice shoes out there to choose from I don't know why you would limit yourself to the same one everyday.
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If you don't care how long they last wear them all the time.
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Your best option is just letting them sit in cedar shoe trees every night as soon as you get home. That gets rid of most of the moisture. Letting a fan blow on them will do next to nothing and a blow dryer will wreck the leather just as fast as wearing them every day. That said, not sure why you would ever want to wear the same pair of shoes every day. Best of luck!
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The rest is to let the shoe dry out, though there is some debate as to whether it's actually "sucked in" to the shoe tree. It has less to do with creasing and more to do with just wearing the leather out and destroying the shoe in general. Speeding up the drying process with a fan is probably likely to destroy the shoe even faster than by using the normal process. Your best bet, should you wish to wear C&J Hallams every day, is to buy another pair and alternate days. This may sound expensive, but rest easy: should you forge ahead with the proposed scheme, you'll be buying another pair soon enough anyways.
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If you plan to wear them that often, you might want to consider putting (gasp) a Topy on them. If you wear them one day and the streets are wet, one night of rest will not allow the soles to dry. That means you'll be wearing wet leather soles two days in a row, which means your soles will not last too long.
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