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Uniqlo Greenline-Discontinued?

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Say Styleforum Gurus, I was hoping to send some of my NYC buddies on a crusade to find me some Uniqlo Selvage, but a search of the forum tells me they either were a) discontinued or b)only available in Japan.

Truth? Not?

Either way, anything worth nabbing (hoodies particularly) down there?
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Big uniqlo flagship store in Soho opens...tomorrow, I believe.

We'll see what the stock is.

The raw selvage is not part of the US style guide on their website, however.
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I'm wearing a pair of uniqlo raw selvage right now. Bought in HK, last last week?
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I see. Any idea of their price, so my 'agents' can go prepared?
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Mine (and Mack's, and Smart's, etc.) were 3k yen on sale from 5k, about a year and a half ago in Japan. About 30 bucks or so.
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When I was there in August I could not find any Selvage Uniqlos. Then again I went to a smaller one in Kamata, Tokyo not the bigger ones in like Shibuya.
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Well, when I bought them (13 pairs total including some Ring Denim and some hemp/cotton) they were starting to run low on the selvage in some places. I ran around to 3 or 4 locations trying to find a size 36 (for shoreman, I think) but with no luck. I thought even at the time that they might have been clearing them out.
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Yeah, that was me. Probably could've fit into 34s, or could now. Oh well. Thanks once again for the effort.

I believe they had some washed selvage at the broome st. Uniqlo last spring, but I don't remember any raw at all. I would assume their stock changes pretty regularly, so looking for something that was in foreign stores a few seasons ago may not be fruitful.
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Maybe we should start a petition. I wish I had bought a few more pairs, and some for relatives and friends. It's not like it would be that hard for them to do another run.
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Well, assuming nobody here gets to the store first, I'll let you guys know if my friend in NYC finds a pair there. Thanks again for the help everybody!
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Went by the new NYC store today.

Didn't see any selvage.

Store is great retail theater. Main level is a giant box, 20 or 25 feet high. Storage = display as sweaters, for ex $70 cashmere in a promotion, are stacked on shelves to the ceiling. One side wall has 300 art t-shirts, all about $15. Some are pretty cool.

Men's on the 2nd floor is best around the fringes....wool caps and striped scarves, the colored solid t-shirts/socks/underwear. Denim is $40. Whenever Uniqlo gets into styling anything, it looks like the timid cousin of some Franco-Japanese preppy. Stripes and patterns in the $40 dress shirts, for ex, are mostly fine lines on white grounds. Fabric is 50s 1ply, the tags say. Jackets, too, are conservative without being much fun. Graphic and interior design is way above the design level of the merch.

On the opening day they were giving out this magalog, which is also in digital form on their USA site. But the hard copy has coupons in it

I'll still hit them up for the accessories and denim, but not much else. We'll see how they do.
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I think their japanese t-shirt collabs arn't bad. Trendstyle has some pretty intresting stuff too.
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Yep, like Mack said no Greenline at the SoHo store, according to my source. Although he did mention someone wandered past him proclaiming "They don't have the selvage!" while I was on the phone with him. I'm just going to go out on a limb and assume it was one of you guys.
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Didn't see any selvage, but it's a nice store. The mannequins are all mounted on rotating round platforms. Maybe it's a reference to remix culture. Maybe it's just a way to show off the clothes. Either way, I like it. With regard to the clothing, I'd say it's sort of H&M meets american apparel with a whole lot of cashmere. Think old navy that doesn't suck. More mainstream than H&M; the clothes aren't intensely designed for the most part. It's simple stuff to integrate into your wardrobe; a solid backdrop for more dramatic pieces. The fit and construction seemed spot on. Sweatshirts were heavier and better cut than american apparel. Jeans were quite nice, with a good selection of raw denim on hand. I tried on the slim straight and the skinny fits and they fit just as you'd expect them to. The printed T shirts were pretty nice if you're into that.
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It's simple stuff to integrate into your wardrobe; a solid backdrop for more dramatic pieces.
Yeah, I guess even if theirs is better made than the Gap, I can get high end versions of the basics, shirts, etc., for less via ebay or thrifting. So I wasn't hugely excited by a lot of the shirts, jackets, coats or sweaters. If people percieve that Uniqlo is a better and cheaper Gap, and furthermore one with cheap cashmere and cool art collab t-shirts in addition to decent denim, then maybe they'll get a toehold in NYC.
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