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United colors of benetton

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I just recently discovered the store and I think it is awesome in terms of quality and price for a college kid. However I am wondering about the longevity clothes as it almost seems too good to be true. Thanks.
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Pretty much. I've not had good luck with them. However, their Sisley line is generally better. They haven't figured out how to silkscreen yet, but that's fine with me as I don't wear logos. (23 July addition) As for inexpensive but good-quality European clothing on a college budget, I would look at Zara before Benetton. Admittedly, my experience with them is not as long as with Benetton or Sisley (I discovered their men's lines only late last year). Still, they use rather decent fabrics for the money, and the tailoring is actually quite a bit ahead of the various Prada-owned lines. (The fabrics quality is my biggest complain with Benetton.) Their prices do vary pretty wildly by region, though, and I've heard that their NYC stores (their only American stores are in NYC) are more expensive than their European ones. No first-hand confirmation, as I haven't been in NYC for a couple years now. Peace, JG
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I recently bought a $30 t-shirt from Sisley it was good Miu Miu knock-off. I think Benetton has great quality because their automated manufacturing facilities are the most advanced in the world. The only problem is sometimes the clothes seem too bland.
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