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I pass by a H&M all the time, the prices are so low they are almost free. It's a mall brand like all the others, Zara, Club Monaco, Banana Republic, they are ALL crappy quality by conventional SF metrics. If you have no cash, you still need to shop somewhere.

They are wearable and with some imagination and wit, you could probably look okay, just don't expect to have it last more than a season or two. It's too easy to dress very well with unlimited funds. Let he who is without Banana Republic cast the first stone.
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Ten years or so ago, back when I was a postdoctoral researcher doing some teaching, I used to have an ultra-slim purple pinstripe H&M suit in some kind of stretchy fabric, which cost all of $100. I generally wore it with blue denim Chelsea boots (which I still have) slim pink or light blue dress shirts and dark DKNY or Moschino ties. I had the physique for it, I thought I looked awesome, and the ladies loved it - so I guess it served its purpose. And despite its cheapness, it lasted a couple of years. I hate to think what would have been the reaction here if I had posted a fit like this!

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You should have seen what I wore on my entry level salary back in the day. Whenever I pass that H&M, I often think, what if I started shopping there, nobody would really notice and I'd save a fortune. Only SAs and the odd lady will noticed and comment on your suits and shoes. I play a cat and mouse game with some SAs, I always cry poverty when I buy a suit, the always drag me over to Brioni/Kiton land, hoping to upgrade me from Zegna, but they are always in Samuelson. Just because you sell it and get a huge discount, doesn't mean you can afford it in light of mortgages and other expenses. We all make do with what we can afford.
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[quote name="Ivon" url="/t/240260/h-m-suits/0_60#post_5414716" Let he who is without Banana Republic cast the first stone.[/quote]

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IMHO H&M suits fit much better than anything you can find at Macys or other department stores of that level.
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Originally Posted by AE7 View Post

H&M can't even make a decent sock or a t shirt. I would be surprised if their suits are any better.

BTW I remember they had a collaboration shoe with Jimmy Choo - large chunks of glue and overall crappy quality. I have lost any respect to both of these labels.


I actually got a couple decent t shirts there and 1 good shirt. Everything else I bought comes apart after a few months.

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i think the common belief here is that you should buy quality that is meant for more than just a couple wears. if youre attracted because its only $200 for one suit, i would say save a little more for a j.crew or shit, how about thick as thieves MTM for only $500?


There are better options for your money.  and the goal is not to compromise.

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