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Does anyone have info on Sulka? I bought a bunch of braces to sell on ebay thinking they were all Trafalgars (which people seem to collect/value) and it turns out a couple of them are by Sulka. They are really nice and seem to be made identically to the Trafalgars, but I can't find any info on them on the web. Anyone know where to find their website or anything? I think they are based in France. Thanks- j.
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Sulka was started by Amos Sulka in the early 20th century and is now known for traditional and very expensive menswear. Sulka is quality stuff. At one point Sulka had stores in San Francisco, New York, London & Paris. However the conglomerate which owns Sulka, The Richemont Group, decided to shut down Sulka earlier this year due to changing tastes and lowered demand for the type of clothing it produced. There was an article about Sulka's closing in the NY Times--if I find it, I'll provide the link.
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I found the article you're talking about. It looks as if the two pairs by Sulka were made by Trafalgar's manufacturer as all that is different is the main fabric and the tag. Did they close the whole company down, or just the US branch?
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They've shut down the whole company for now. Who knows? Maybe they'll bring it back since Richemont still owns the rights to it.
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They closed Sulka down??? Bummer- they used to do Bond movies, and Joe Kennedy the elder gave Sulka ties to his most valued business associates as gifts. Another manifestation of the Kennedy curse?
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Wow - I didn't know they had shut down. I guess I'll have to dig out that Sulka tie I bought about 10 years ago. It might be a collectors item. Sure hope my wife didn't give it to the Junior League Rummage Sale
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My Sulka braces went for $50 and $30ish on ebay, and I found one more pair to sell. They will be up soon, if anyone wants to 'collect' them.
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Hi There...well it seems as though we have one big thing in common! I bought a SULKA tie on e-bay not too long ago, impeccable quality...really not your average find, and I was wondering where I can find more of them!? Is there a shop that sells the garments, also are there many other garments made by SULKA?? Lets just say, it took one tie to make me a custodian - now the question is, how to keep this newly found addiction satisfied?? Please if anyone has any info, it would be highly appreciated!
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I still have some Sulka formal shirts left. they are a bit yellowed from age. but for $25 they are worth the effort to use oxyclean and whiten them.
Not sure what sizes are left.
send a PM if interested.
they are 3/4" pleats some wing collar some lay down collar. standard fit. not slim

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I was in the Housing Works in Brooklyn Heights last weekend and they had a sulka tie in pretty good shape for about $25 (I know, NYC thrift prices ) Anyway, might be worth a look if you dont mind the price, really like sulka, and are somewhere in NYC. I didnt got through the whole tie section, they could have had more. There was also an hermes tie for $60.

There's a great scene in Bugsy where Warren Beatty shoots someone over some Sulka shirts.
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I inherited two Sulka suits that my grandfather had made decades ago, and they've held up quite nicely.

Since getting them I run a daily search on Sulka in eBay and ties turn up all the time.
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I have a small collection of Sulka ties, and they are wonderful. They had some beautiful and unusual patterns over the years made with fine silks and sturdy construction. Here is a pic (eBay seller's) of one I just got two days ago:

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Thanks for all the handy advice! I was wondering wher I could find new and not used Sulka items...PLEASE can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Well, Sulka is out of business, so anything "new" will be deadstock.
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I know a dealer who has over 100 New Old Stock Sulka ties in boxes. I think they're from the '50s and '60s.
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