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I could see using a really simple implementation to manage, the whole thing except for the accounting for which Quickbooks is probably the only practical choice.
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why would one opt for Google docs over Open/LibreOffice?
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Quickbooks is my pick.

Also suggest you take a class in small biz. Try NxLevel, a nonprofit and largest entrepreneurship training organization in world. Look on their website for classes in your area. Well worth the time and effort.
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Hi there everyone. I have been searching for awhile for an accounting software to replace our aging software that we have been using since the 90s (MYOB).

I have been reading up on comparison reviews like the one found on Wikipedia as well as some other ones.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a small business (of about 10 individuals). We have a lot of assets (automobiles, equipment, inventory) and want to be able to output certain types of financial statements (balance, income, cash budget).

Invoicing, Customer Management, Payroll, A/R and A/P management are all required features.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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I've been running one of mine on:

Google Docs (product catalog, database, issuing invoices & PO's) +
OpenOffice (for more complicated spreadsheets) +
Dropbox (for storage, mobility and disaster-recovery)
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