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Phone system recommendations for a small business?

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a scalable phone system for a small business? Preferably something that would start out with 2-3 lines and maybe 4 phones. Cordless would be nice, but not necessary - we're currently using Panasonic cordless phones, which suck. Speaker volume is too low, there is often interference, and more than two people can't be on a line at the same time.

Something like this, I guess:
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Depends on what do you want. A VOIP solution is easily possible, with open source Asterisk as your main PBX server, then you can run IP phones and set it up indivudally so that each phone has a different number/specific number or such.

You need to evaluate what you are looking for in terms of cost and efficency. Sometimes just paying the phone company for three lines may be the easiest solution. Or hell, an investment of buying five Magic Jacks' may be the solution.
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^that's what we have, is good imo for up to 40 users
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Thanks guys. Looks like I have some reading to do. Any ballpark, price-wise, to setting up a small VOIP (asterisk) system? edit - any experience with hosted Asterisk systems? Example:
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As a business that size, I would not invest in a phone system. I would use something like

Asterisk is nice, and i've used it for systems fielding thousands of calls per day, but frankly, who's gonna take care of it in a business that size? What do you do when your internet/phones go down? As a small business you're not gonna have the best internet connection either, and by that I mean service with a 99.99% uptime. You'll have regular business dsl/cable with a shitty 24 or 48hrs policy, which could mean your phones would be down several times per year. Phones are something others expect to just work.

I've use grasshopper before with good results. You will still need some actual phones, but it will provide a menu system, music on hold, and other stuff. You could use it in conjunction with a voip or regular landlines, but it provides the front-end, voicemail, menu system, and is quite inexpensive. If you ever get big enough, you can deploy your own systems in-house and migrate off of it quite painlessly.
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^Thanks, grasshopper looks like an excellent option!

All of your concerns are valid. I think regular landlines are going to be the best choice for the time being.

Would you be able to recommend a standard landline phone that has a good speakerphone? Considering ordering these:
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edit: nevermind. grasshopper looks cool
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I am using Hosted PBX system from Nexcom Digital. They offer 1-8xx number. I am charged at $12.99/month for service but there is no extra charge for any feature. You can get a simultaneous ringingĀ  featureĀ  or any feature you need and they do not charge extra.

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