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To revive the post...I purchased my Canali over a year a half ago out here in the bay.. I feel like I got the deal of a life time at $159..I believe it had been sitting there for over a year and a half and they just continued reducing the price due to the size..I think $700 is a good bargain for Canali...like Klobber said earlier, if its full canvass and fits well then why not..I just prefer my Zegna's to my Canali's just for the simple fact that EZ's have softer shoulders,higher armholes and a lower buttoning stance.. Canali's shoulders are not as soft and the buttoning points are pretty high astonishingly enough. I find the EZ's milano cut slimmer than Canali's cut.. maybe thats just me though..

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Would a $1000 Canali be a good price at Harry Rosen. They have their suits and more sale on now bringing them down to around $1200, and on boxing day another $150 off.

Thumbs up or down?

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Hi all, 

Quick request for advice. The Canali suit linked below is on sale at Nordstrom. It fits me extraordinarily well and I quite like it. My one concern is that the color (both on the internet and in person) seems a bit on the light side for a navy business suit to me. But I'm open to being wrong about this. I'd be interested in anyone else's view. Should a navy business suit be dark navy? How much wiggle room is there?


Thanks in advance.


The suit is here: 


and here is an image:


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Bump with one of my Canali, love em nod[1].gif
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