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Anybody been watching Dexter? I'm about three episodes in.

I believe it's on Showtime in the US. Interesting concept. Michael C. Hall makes a very likeable serial killer.

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Originally Posted by m@T
I'll get you, Greg Evans!
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love the show
excellent acting

it's at about episode 6 here in canada though
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Haven't seen it, but from the marketing, it seems like a pretty loathsome concept. I'm waiting for the Showtime biopic focusing on the sensitive side of Stalin. Mind you, I'm obviously just judging the marketing, so tell me if it doesn't really represent the show.
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Anybody here getting excited for season 3 to start soon? September 29th to be exact.I cant wait to see what is going to happen this season!
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this show is amazing

season 1 was some of the best tv I've ever seen

season 2 was surprisingly even better than season 1 (or at least as good as), watching episode 10 or 11, it's hard to believe they could wrap it up so clean and neat by episode 12. Really good tense writing, had me on the edge of my seat.

I was almost lucky to have come into this show after season 2 already ended because I watched the entire 2 seasons in a matter of days, it's so engrossing

I'm looking forward to #3, I hope the addition of Jimmy Smits as a central character doesnt go into stupid territory
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Great show - I got into it about the same time as Mad Men and for a while I couldn't decide which I wanted to watch more.
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I'm going to miss Doakes' f-bombs but I'll survive. Can't wait for Season 3.
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As fucked up as this may sound, the show is actually better than the books.
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Just finished watching the first episode of Season 3. Mind-blowing as always. The compelling drama notwithstanding, this show makes me laugh more than other sitcoms on the air.
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Season 1 was great, though a little predictable. I just got Season2 in the mail from Netflix and can't wait to start watching.
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Originally Posted by limping_decorum View Post
As fucked up as this may sound, the show is actually better than the books.

I agree. The show added some subplots that were pretty good and fleshed out the characters more {Dexter's girlfriend's exhusband coming back, his sister recovering from the stuff at the end of the first season, to name 2}. Also, I thought the endings of the books were too quick. After all the build up of the book they'd wrap everything up in a page or two.
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I love Sgt. Doakes, best character. I eagerly await season 3.
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Its about the 6th episode in season 1 here in Oz but I've downloaded the 2 seasons and watched them both. Absolutely love the show.

When it first came out I have to say I wasn't keen on watching it but after the first episode I was hooked. Bring on season 3!
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