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C&j split toe bluchers

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I'm interested in the following pair of C&J shoes from Ben Silver... What do y'all think of it? Does anyone own a pair? At $650 they seem expensive compared to other C&J handgrades. Would I be better of getting a pair of Westons or Greens? I checked the usual online retailers, e.g. pediwear, plal, but they don't seem to have them.
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The added cost is probably due to the handsewn apron and toe seam. These shoes are knockoffs of Edward Green's Dover model, and from the pictures, it doesn't look to me that the apron and the toe seam are nearly as well-done as they are on the EG shoe (this isn't surprising since EG does this better than anyone in the world). If it were me, I'd spend the extra money and buy the Dover: the better toe seam and apron detailing and the overall superior quality of construction in the EG shoe are worth the money to me. Your preference may differ. If you decide that you want the C&J shoe, I'd contact Pediwear, PLal, and the C&J store in London about availability: just because they don't have the shoe online doesn't mean that they don't have the shoe or can't get it. You might be able to find the shoe for less than the Ben Silver price.
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The C&J model in question is the Cornhill and when I enquired with C&J regarding the fitting of this shoe earlier this year, I was informed that the model has now been discontinued and "it has been updated and is now made on a longer more elegant looking shape, without the split toe, it is now called Leeds." Even when it was available, the standard offering did not include the pebble grained leather, and was probably specially made for Ben Silver. This doesn't mean that Plal or Pediwear (or even C&J) couldn't rustle up a pair if you ask them nicely. I agree with jcusey that the EG Dover is a much nicer interpretation of this style.
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Thanks for the feedback, guys. Any recommendation on where I might be able to get the EG Dover at a good price?
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This thread on AskAndy has some information on a possible source for discounted Edward Green shoes. You need to know your size though.
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That's a great tip. Thanks.
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Are all of the C&J's from Ben Silver actually the "handgrade" line or are there "bench made" mixed in?
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Even though Ben Silver lists all their C&J shoes as 'handgrade', I believe they also include the benchmade models. A few tips in distinguishing between the two: (1) A lot of the models maintain the same C&J model name. Compare with a real C&J catalog (online or otherwise) and you'll find which ones are truly handgrade. (2) The handgrade models seem to have smaller logos in the insole, than the benchmade. Compare the handrade Lawrence to the benchmade Shalfont (3) If there's a picture of the sole, you should not see any stitching on the handgrade models. For instance, these Jodphurs are benchmade.
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Are all of the C&J's from Ben Silver actually the "handgrade" line or are there "bench made" mixed in?
There are some of the regular-line C&J shoes mixed in. For example, the Westminster: and the Quorn: The regular-line shoes have a gold embossed C&J logo in the inside heel, have soles stitched aloft, and cost less than the Handgrade model (of course, the Quorn costs $550, for some reason that I don't understand).
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Thanks for info guys.
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