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Thought I bump this thread as I have a similar situation and like some feedback.

I'm eyeballing this Burberry Prorsum 2014 Biker Jacket. It is a bit more of a classic version than the original op's.

I'm a size US 34, so hard to find these types of jacket off the rack. I do have a Schott Perfecto and had the arms shortened and slimmed, but still the armholes are rather low and still a bit bulky for my size.

I like this Prorsum 2014 Biker Jacket as the arms are relatively slim and the clean styling seems like a good long term investment piece? Burberry has it on sale for $2500 (Orig 5k) now and available in my size. I know, even with the 50% off, it is a bit pricey.

Can I get your opinions on this piece? Note, the 2 straps on the collar is removable.

Here is the link to this jacket: