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Soia & Kyo went through a site redesign recently (for S/S 11), really screwed up lol.
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Definitely. Ive added Homespun Knitwear but couldnt find a website for them. Let me know if you see one.
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One thats never been mentioned according to the search function, yet resides somewhere in toronto is Thieves Boutique.

Never bought anything from them but i've glanced at the site occasionally, the prices suggest a slightly more purposeful but less unique rick owens deviation. Maybe has similar production ethics to CD/Linea etc...

---no idea of quality or the validity of their prices---
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Oh, didn't know Thieves Atelier was Canadian. The clothes are alright, really. EDIT: If I'm not mistaken, they do organic clothing for moderately high prices ($150 or so for a L/S tee)
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Awesome idea as I would definitely support more Canadian labels if I knew about them. I'm surprised Nobis hasn't been mentioned yet.
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Yep, which if the quality is on par with W+H seems pretty justifiable.
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Thanks for a couple of more. I added Thieves and Nobis. Basically my motivation is to start shopping more Canadian labels and I also want to do a feature on some Canadian designers on my site I knew quite a few but I figured some of the guys here would know far more than me. So far I've been proven right!
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Originally Posted by ghostdog123 View Post
Yep, which if the quality is on par with W+H seems pretty justifiable.

They target very different aesthetics though. And they use interesting materials but not the loopwheeled fleece etc. that W+H does. If you have a chance, try some of the clothes out. They feel...different. I've never personally bought anything, but I've tried some of them at a store. So I can't really say if they last long, though my gut feeling is telling me W+H probably has better construction/longevity
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Added Brave.
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Should add this father and son leather operation out of BC:

Nice stuff.
post #42 of 71 forgot one of the best canadian brand... the best of the best for formal and casual stuff

Le Chateau!!!!

lol (flamesuit on) just kidding
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Lol, and Aldo too yeah. Pretty sure Aldo started out from Montreal.
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canada roots? do you have it lol

spring? a copy of aldo for kewl shooz!
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Oh god can we not put Roots on

Got a link for Spring shoes? How are they construction/quality-wise? I know Aldo is about 0/10, they sometimes dip to -1 or so
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