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I just can't dig bodywashes, and don't much see the usefulness of loofahs either. It's just too hard to make a good lather with that cucumber shaped thing. For abrasive clean, nothing can beat a Salux cloth imo.
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I like Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash. Seems to prevent breakouts on my shoulders and ingrown hairs on my legs.
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Soap's cheaper. Body washes seem like noting more than successful marketing that they're somehow better than soap.

Seems to me that both get rinsed off in the shower and even if one is milder than the other, if you're using any kind of brush or washcloth, their roughness makes the mildness of your cleanser pretty much beside the point.
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Originally Posted by javyn
I like the smell of the bodywash, but still feel cleaner after using soap. I'm liking KMF Olive Oil bar now.
Really? I feel cleaner after using body wash, especially with the exfoliation a loofah gives.
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Originally Posted by Jovan
Really? I feel cleaner after using body wash, especially with the exfoliation a loofah gives.

I used to soap, leftover shampoos, and whatever was available for a body wash. I've found it much better to use an actual body wash. I use various cheap things at Wal-Mart that mimic the Bath and Body Works stuff (vanilla sugar, coconut oil, milk & honey, etc.)
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I think it's the loofah that gives you the clean feeling rather than the bodywash Jovan. I use a Salux cloth (abrasive and loofah-like), and I definitely feel more clean after using it, no matter what kind of soap I used. Probably because I come out of the shower with a few less layers of skin lol
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I like the Axe Snake Peel, bodywash. It's sold in a set with Axe Oxygen, at COSTCO. I always use soap, too . . . many times Big Lots has some offbeat washes, that are fun. My favorites are the ones with walnut shells, or jojoba seeds. They really scrape the heck out of you. Don't ever use on the face, however.
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I've been using Ahava Men's shower gel for about four years now an absolutely swear by it. It's made with dead sea oils and helps with sensitive skin. I even use it as a shave gel.
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I have definitely used a few body washes in my day. Right now I try to rotate a bit between the "Soap Slab" from Aesop (most intensely rich lather imagineable and intoxicating citrusy scent), and the Honey body wash from L'Óccitane. Really want to try the Baxter's of California Italian Lime one. I've heard it mentioned several times on sites such as this.
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Reviving an old (but fun) thread, I just got some Axe Snake Peel wash for the heck of it this weekend. The scent is pretty good, but kinda weak, and you need a ton of it to lather well. Still, not going to use anything on the face except olive oil soap (currently, Savon). I'll also probably go back to bathing with the olive oil soap because I can see this stuff really drying me out after a while of use. But it will be nice for a change.

Overall though, I'm disappointed with this least the Snake Peel. Old Spice Red Zone I tried last year has been better in every way. Scent, longer lasting, lathers very well with much less squeezed on the cloth.
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