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What are good HongKong Tailors?

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I'd like to know something about HongKong mtm and bespoke tailors.
I've heard of W.W. Chan in this forum, but are there any more possibilities, who make good suits, too?
How much do I have to pay for coats, 2pc. /3pc. suits and/or sportcoats?
How many fittings do they need and how long do I have to wait?

What are south-east asian alternatives for Hong Kong, let's say in Singapore or Bangkok?
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Search is your friend. There are numerous threads on this precise topic in the archives.
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Chan, Yao and Yu are the best tailors by far.
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Aren't Ah-Man-Hing Cheong and H. Baroman customarily ranked among the top HK tailors?

Chan is the only HK tailor I have personal familiarity with via their US tours. I am eagerly counting the days until my appointment a week from Friday.

For sport coats from Chan, count on $700-$800, more if a really top-quality fabric is chosen; for suits, about $1,000 (US).
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the best thing is to give us you budget and time frame also if fit is not an issue ie; you are easy to fit the you can get a good cheap suit from any of the indian tailor my favorite being milan tailors on kimberly road in TST which will be canvased but fully machine made!
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It would be most interesting to hear what the HK local community thinks are the top 4 or 5 tailors.

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I live some time of the year in HK and my impression is that A-Man and Ascot Chang are held in the highest regard.
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most of the expat's i know will use indian taliors due to the fact they only looking for a cheap suit the same as much goes for tourist too!

i have had a lot of weight change in the past 18 months so i have not bothed to look for any thing more than a cheap suit as i can wear it fo 6 months and then chuck it!

most of the bigger named tailors that you find on the fora i did not know untill i spent time on them thus i would not be able to rank other than the indian tailors (they all use the same tailors)

for me this year i have gone a little OTT on custom shoes here so my suist have fell by the wayside but now my weight has stablized i am in the market for a more substanual suit that will hopfully last more than 6 months
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All the suits I've seen from W.W. Chan really look nice, but 800-1000 USD is far above my budget. I'm searching something in the 350-400 USD range for a suit. I'm aware of the fact that I can't get top quality, but I hope to get a decent suit, which fits quite well, because I'm not that easy to fit. RTW does not fit in 90% of the cases. In a 10% of the cases the fit is just terrible.
That's why I want to take the chance of mtm/bespoke tailoring in HK.
Which tailor is recommendable in the 350-400 USD range?
I plan to get two nice suits and two sportcoats.
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You could t ry Jantzen. I think the pricing places them in your range. Their work seems decent and the shop reputable, unlike many other "tailors" wiuth which you will be at a disadvantage as a tourist.
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for that price, i think you could find a decent tailor in bangkok.
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