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Originally Posted by sf_esq View Post

Having visited the Glaser Designs showroom, I can vouch for their excellent quality and workmanship and very fair pricepoint. The issue I had was the logo. I didn't want a bag with a logo and they would not make one for me without it. So I passed..

I respect your decision not to purchase a bag, but also Myron's decision to not sell you one without a logo. There are precious few products you can buy in which the manufacturer will not attach the logo upon request.

To me, the blind debossed Glaser logo is small and hardly noticeable. There may be some trademark issues with having to keep it on the bag, so the design can remain under trademark protection. It is also the pride of the creator, which I will gladly give to the Glaser family.
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Sorry for the necro-post, but I was looking for something else, and...

W/R/T Glaser, I can see bot points of view. Designs are practical and execution is very good. I have a 15-year-old deal bag that is still doing fine. On the other hand, it does have a very American look that isn't at all like the other firms mentioned.

I've been thinking about a 4" deep briefcase, to bridge the gap between the Glaser deal bag (6"), which is sometimes a bit much to lug around, and the Hulme 3", which is a perfectly OK addition to a carry-on but can be pushed just a bit beyond its comfort with laptop, headphones, books, and documents. The Glaser day bag looks really practical for this, but leaves me cold aesthetically. If Lotuff made a slightly larger version of their Wells briefcase (http://www.lotuffleather.com/products/Mens-Wells-Briefcase.html), I'd go for that in no time.
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Does anyone have advice on caring for a Frank Clegg briefcase--specifically the harness-belting leather?  I bought this single gusset zip top bag about six months ago:




I tried contacting Frank a couple times about how to care for it but heard nothing back.  It's beautiful and cost about a grand, so I'd like to keep it in good condition.  His site gives the following info about the leather:


This exceptional vegetable tanned leather is a belting leather that develops a unique and cherished patina. Extra fat liqueurs are added during the conditioning process, rendering a wonderful touch and a beautiful look. Because the finest leathers do not have any surface finish to protect them, with care, these products age over time to become true heirlooms; think classic English saddles.


Is there a moisturizer that might be good?  Or maybe it doesn't need any care?  Any advice would be appreciated.

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