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Anyone know where I can find Incotex trousers? They pop up on Ebay every once in a while, and the other day I had a pair, but got called into a meeting in the last hour of the auction and some #$*. bottom feeder stole them out from under me. I am looking to pick up a few pair in flat front, super 150s or so. Anyone online sell them? I've tried Saks here in West Palm Beach, and they didn't have squat. Haven't tried the NM store over in Palm Beach yet, but I assume the markup will be obscene, as the Hoity Toity of Palm Beach don't seem to care about overpaying, which screws up the price points for the rest of us.
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Yoox has a couple pairs left which are currently on sale...
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If you ever come to New York, Barney's sells them. I think Louis Boston also sells them too. I love Incotex pants.
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Thanks THC. I don't ever get to New York, unfortunately, but have discovered Mr. Sid's here in Palm Beach. I plan to go check it out this week.
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Stu: N-M should also have them. Saw several pairs on sale here in SF at Sak's and Neiman's. There are several places in Miami as well.
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