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Need Advice: Starting Shoe Collection

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I started a new job in NYC with a professional services firm this past December. I've come to realize I need a few pairs of good shoes for my wardrobe and have been doing some research but would like others opinions. I don't wear a suit often, I'm still a grunt and rarely see clients, so I mostly wear trousers and a button down shirt. My budget is flexible but I'm still young and living in NYC is anything but cheap. Here are the three shoes I was thinking of adding to start my collection with, rotating depending on what I wear.

Allen Edmonds - Park Avenue or Fifth Avenue (in Black Calf)

Allen Edmonds - Randolph (haven't decided on the color yet, open to suggestions)

Allen Edmonds - Vernon (in Saddle Brown Calf)

I'm not fiercely loyal to Allen Edmonds but I hear they great value and within the price range I'm comfortable spending. Any suggestions on other brands, or types of shoe I should be looking into?
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There is a big world past AE. The park or fifth is a good choice in black. Its a classic and its robust. I've never liked loafers, but i guess that one is fine. For the brown ones, expand your horizons. Why not try a pair of C&J Hallam slight 2nds from forum affiliate "a fine pair of shoes". They run about $330 shipped. Quality is better than AE and You'll be hooked.
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