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Worldwide mobile internet access

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Does anyone know of or use a device that provides worldwide mobile internet access through something like a satellite? Some kind of attachment to a laptop that is hopefully small and easily mobile? Thanks!
post #2 of 5 $3700 for the modem, and $10,000 a month for unlimited data.
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Do you really need worldwide? An unlocked MIFI device that you can stick a local SIM into will handle a fair bit of the world. Small enough to slip into a pocket. Lighter then a pack of matches. Less expensive then a cellphone.
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I know for the consultants we send to EMEA/APJ we traditionally get aircards through AT&T. Looks like a credit card and connects anywhere there is GSM cell service. I took one to Greece last year and was able to connect from the islands. GSM is the common denominator for cell networks between the US and the rest of the world, and AT&T is the only (or largest...?) provider here in the States.
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Was reasding this section last night having lurked on Styleforum for a good while now. Came across this post and reckoned I'd do the right thing and respond! Hope it's not too late.

Anyhow, the device you are looking for is called a BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network). The Thurya mentioned above is one.

You can read all about them here....

Now, I haved a BGAN - it's from a company called Thrane & Thrane. They are ferociously expensive to maintain as highlighted above. Maximum bandwidth - half a meg is charged at $20 per minute, but you can pear back the service in various ways to save money. Principal is just like a phone. Buy a sim card on contract and insert. Depending on the contract, some vendors will 'subsidise' your device, again just like a phone contract - you might get one free, but that will be on a contract worth $30k for the year.

These devices are only really relevant in locations where little or no infrastructure exists. Pretty much all main centres of population - even in the least developed part of the world - has reasonable access to the internet. Asia and parts of Latin America is well served by 3G now so a MiFi will work well there. Africa not so. 3G is limited but 2G is almost everywhere. I use my BGAN mostly in Africa as I tend to travel to some very, very remote places.

However, some countries will not take kindly to bringing these into their country. Be informed.
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