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Shopping in naples??

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I am heading to Naples for the first time next week and was wondering if anyone had any shopping suggestions. The guidebooks only mention the famous tie-maker Marinella and the usual designer boutiques, but I am hoping someone has some additional ideas. Do any of the famous Neapolitan shirtmakers (Barba, Borrelli, Kiton) actually have stores in Naples? What about Matuozzo, whose shirts I have seen recommended on this forum a number of times?? Thanks in advance.
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I've never been to Naples. However, if you are a big fan of Italian shirts I think that you should not return without a few. Though you are going to Naples, there are many good shirtmakers/clothiers outside of Naples. Fray and Marol are in Bologna, Truzzi is in Milan, Leonardo Bugelli, Simone Abbarchi, and Liverano are in Firenze, Emanuele Maffeis is in Bergamo, and Sartoria Ypsilon is in Rome. I personally think that shirts from places like Geneva Custom shirts or Paris Custom Shirtmakers in New York are better choices. I think that both places have a minimum of 3 or 4 shirts, and both are true custom products. Prices are reasonable, especially considering what a standard size or made to measure(not true custom, not subject to discounts) shirt costs at high-end retailers. With true custom you get to design the shirt however you like. With made to measure very few measurements are taken - body(chest) size, neck size, body length, and sleeve length. This means that someone with a signifacant drop - 45" chest, 32" waist would likely still have a rather ill-fitting garment. All the hand stitching that is claimed to make a shirt fit better is just a selling point - the key is to cut an accurate pattern first. I doubt that the hand stitching(outside of, per customer preference, sewing the buttonholes by hand, and always attaching the buttons by hand so that a shank can be sewn) makes a difference even in standard size shirts(but not suits), which are made to fit a number of people. Of the Italian shirts I prefer Fray and Marol. On Marol shirts only the buttonholes are handsewn. On the Fray shirts only the sleeves are closed by hand(I would, however, prefer closing by sewing machine), and recently they started attaching the buttons with a shank, which leads me to believe that they are sewn on by hand. Borrelli is pretty nice, and Barba shirts are very similar. Borrelli does not pattern-match very well; they don't even match the sleeve placket with the sleeve,at least on their ready-to-wear. Kiton I think to have entirely too much hand stitching. Outside of Italy, I really really really like Charvet shirts. The Sartoria Ypsilon shirts looked great, very unique products. I do not think that Kiton, Attolini, Barba or Borrelli will sell directly to you; they may measure you at their offices, but you may have to take delivery of the final product either at a local store in Naples or here in the USA through one of their retailers. Anna Matuozzo and Merolla & de L'Ero, however, should sell custom shirts directly to you. Ergasterium and Finamore I am not sure about. Here are a few shirtmakers/clothiers located in Naples, of which I imagine you are familiar with most. Ergasterium +39 081 8495714 Borrelli +39 081 7712941 Kiton http://www.kiton.it Barba http://www.barbanapoli.it Attolini Anna Matuozzo Viale Gramsci Antonio, 26 +39 081 663874 Merolla & de L'Ero 20, v. Calabritto +39 081 7643012 Andrea Finamore +39 081 482279
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bryce, i've never been to naples but i just wanted to wish you a bon voyage. as usual, i agree with banksmiranda that money spent on shirts is best spent on something custom-made.
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Would you mind taking some photos while on your trip, similar to the recent great Vass cobbler shots we had? I'd really like to see how Borrelli shirts are made, or pix of the great Attolini tailors at work. by the way, there is a great barber shop/ mens spa right down the way from Attolini, highly recommend at least a shave or haircut.
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If I were going I would be inclined to completely avoid the major names except for a quick look at their shops. I'd spend my time looking for great local craftsmen who sell top-quality goods for much less than known brands...
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I simply listed a few companies that I knew of. I agree with A. Harris that it may be best to scout out local merchants. After all, many companies are still being discovered and their products taken to other countries, and prices driven up. Italy is a land of tailors, after all, so you can find quality products from a variety of sources.
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Sorry to awakened such an old post, but would anyone care to share any experience with Fit and construction of MTM and RTW Merolla & De L'Ero shirts out of Naples. Thanks Joe
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I am heading to Naples in June so any tips would also be appreciated. I will take lots of photo's as I am putting together a mens shopping guide for Milan/ Rome/ Naples and travelling with a photographer. Obscure suggestions are welcome as the guide is focused on artisan producers.
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Apparently the popular blog Tweed in the City is most informative.
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