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Originally Posted by AChekhovGun View Post

Your advice is much appreciated - I'm a bit confused as to where to take my career now.

I'm about to hit 2 years with a Big4 firm (advisory, not audit or tax). I (expect) to get promoted the 2nd half of this year. I have my MBA from a top 40 school (but nowhere near top 20). It's not being utilized in my current role.

I've only passed 2 sections of the CPA, and I'm not really interested in staying in accounting very long; problem is, I'm not exactly sure what I want to do - however, I'd like to at least leverage my MBA by getting into an interview/position where it is required.

I realize this is a pretty broad question, but does anyone have any opinions on where I could/should branch out from here?

Should I try to get a shot for an interview at M/B/B?
Should I try to jump to finance somewhere? (need specific roles to shoot for to use MBA)
Should I jump to acct/internal audit in industry? (easiest option, but not really what I want)

With 2 yr of experience and a middle-of-the-rankings MBA, what are my best options?

Thanks for reading,

Not to be rude, but you are you serious? Two-years with the big four isn't enough time to check the "big 4" experience box some positions require and passing half the CPA exam just makes you look like you couldn't finish the rest. You'll be a lot more marketable if you take the next promotion and finish the exam. At least you'll have a successful story to tell then.

Also, the CPA is respected by almost everyone ... even outside of finance. It will help you. Additionally, a CFOs, VPs of Finance, EVPs, etc often come up through the finance ranks but do very little accounting.

If you aren't into business and finance, do something else.
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Jump to industry. A multinational fortune 100 will be easier to make career changes in once you're already in the door. Get yourself assigned as a controller to the top guy in a line of business you're interested in, establish the relationship, and move into the LOB later.
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