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Umbrella Suggestions

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It is spring and its raining...I'm tired of carting around cheap golf umbrellas. Any thoughts on this Brooks Brother model?

Briggs and James Smith seem to be the top reccomendations, but both are pricey. Open to alternatives though...

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These: Video of the construction:
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Would recommend the umbrellas offered at Howard Yount. Although, not as many styles offered as before.

Howard Yount
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I just finally bought a Brigg in oak...wish I had bought it twenty years ago.
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The usual recs on here are Fox, Smith, SAB and Howard Yount. J Peterman had some cherry SABs on sale awhile back but I believe we cleaned them out.
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Fulton. Cheap and good. Click here.
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Talarico blows away Brigg in quality and price, but you have to take what you can find.
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Whangee comes at a premium these days, I don't believe BB are quality. There are Davek and Senz, but these are definitely more modern.
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Davek. Come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.
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LOVE my Davek. Holds up to Ohio severe storms just fine.
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post
Talarico blows away Brigg in quality and price, but you have to take what you can find.

Yep. I love my Talarico, but can't find another with the handle I am looking for and will probably end up settling for something at Rain or Shine (Fox).
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The Blackwatch umbrella at Howard Yount is awesome and receives nearly endless praise (especially from teh ladiez).
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ShedRain makes nice cheap ones. The ribs aren't very strong, but they have a storm flap, which really helps make up for the weaker rib construction. It's extremely hard to have this invert on you. You can buy them for around $15-20. For about the same amount, you can also go with Totes, which is on sale right now at Belt Outlet. It's a fuller sized umbrella, but doesn't have the storm flap. I personally like my Brooks umbrella, as well. Never had a problem with it. On sale, they're quite a good deal, and Brooks is about to have their Friends and Family sale soon. I picked mine up for $30. Additionally, Orvis is also selling a Barbour umbrella that I think is handsome. It has tartan design that I like. Another good one is Davek. They retail for $100, but you often see them on Gilt for around $50. Howard Yount's are incredible. They're handmade by a third-generation family-owned umbrella company in Italy. The shaft is one solid stick of chestnut wood, which is really nice. It's a bit heavier than the other options, because of that full wooden shaft, but it's much better looking. Finally, for really high end ones, Briggs, Talarico, and Francesco Maglia are incredible. All three have OTR models, but they'll also make you bespoke umbrellas. Depending what kind you get, they'll run you between $200 to $1,000
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Thank you, all. I've decided to go with the Howard Yount. It is a decent price point and I like the solid wood construction. Love the Briggs, but I'm not ready to jump up to that price yet.

Thanks again!
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Originally Posted by mlongano View Post

I just finally bought a Brigg in oak...wish I had bought it twenty years ago.

What size did you get? 

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