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Fair enough, I have too. But the point is, he will get experience at MBB that he wont have at the other job--at the managerial job, he would be expected to hit the ground running and manage that team to results, something that he will be better prepared for after MBB. Furthermore, he'll get more experience in the upper-level machinations of a Fortune 1000 company than he would in 10 years of industry. He'll also have the start of a resume that will put him right past the middle management doldrums, and be paid better as well. Not a bad tradeoff.

There are idiots in any line of business. I'd wager that he'll work with less of them (ok, maybe not, but at least he'll learn more) at MBB than the other job.

As for salary, since he's coming in with a masters and thus likely isn't at the analyst level, he'll almost certainly clear $100k in his first year.

I would say that you're expected to hit the ground running more so from M/B/B than you are as a manager fresh out of b-school.

You also have to consider the fact that as a manager, you will slowly accumulate knowledge and you won't be given things that are too big to handle.

I'll put it this way:
- a lot of "managing" is stuff that's text book. you do this, you do that.
- a lot of executive level stuff is stuff that no one has an answer to. It's truly conceptual stuff.