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Originally Posted by KObalto View Post
Which neighborhood? I ate in a few good ones recently in the Canal St Martin area.

I`m pretty familiar with that area already, looking for good value within 1 - 11, 14 - 15.
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Originally Posted by Chrenetique View Post

For cobblers, my favorite is Dominique Barilero (5 rue Amélie, 75007 Paris), who comes from John Lobb... He's fast, good, not so expensive, and sells the best crepe soles IMO.

Just got topy's done here.

Recommended, reasonable price, quick turnaround and good finishing.

Closed from now - September for vacation.
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(Very long-time lurker posting here smile.gif )

I've lived in Paris for a few years now... here are my favorites.

A good alteration tailor for minor alterations (cuffs, etc) is Styl'Up on Rue Pasquier (quite trendy, but very good alterations nonetheless)

Good dry cleaners are Pouyanne/Parfait (too expensive), Pressing de la Madeleine, and Simone

Good shoe cobblers are Cattelan (I always go there, he's extremely nice and knowledgable), Rachid on Rue Boursault (talented but not that nice), and Dominique Barilero.

You asked about Duret, the products are very nice, but expensive, and they do not make anything themselves as far as I know. If you want the "real" thing, you might want to go to Atelier du bracelet parisien (watchstraps), Jean Rousseau (used to work for Hermès), and Camille Fournet.

If you're looking for "unique" things, go to Maison Bonnet, the last (?) tortoiseshell objets (including eyewear) maker.

If you like tea, apart from Mariage frères, you can go to Chajin (Rue Pasquier) for Japanese tea, Toraya (rue saint florentin) for Japanese tea and fine pastry, and Maison des Trois Thés on rue Saint Medard for the finest Chinese teas in the Western world (no kidding).

Good bars could be Bar du Plaza Athénée (but super expensive and too trendy), the Hemingway (Ritz bar, famous for the old-style cocktail), and Harry's New York Bar (extremely nice cocktails, piano bar during the evening, less expensive than the Ritz).

If you work in the 13th I suggest that you live in the 6th or 7th, or even the 5th though there are a lot of tourists. 2nd and 3rd are not that nice to live.
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Scarlett on Rue Vignon (near Madeline) for watch straps.
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