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Originally Posted by yjeezle View Post
Why do I recommend golf? Because if you play and you're semi-decent, you will get invited to go play golf. You will also play rounds at prestige courses. FOR FREE.

You will get the respect of your managers/higher-ups if they are playing with you and you may get that promotion faster. Playing golf is a great way to schmooze (really the only life skill one needs)

That's good advice. I don't play golf, but I think it is good to keep these additional benefits in mind. Try going for at least one hobby that has the potential to expand your social circle in a positive way. From that perspective, it should be clear why playing golf is better than playing MMORPGs.

Also, I support the idea of learning some useful skills. Languages and instruments come to mind.
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Originally Posted by GQgeek View Post
MMORPGs thank me later!
-1 If you value celibacy, have at it. +1 for cooking. You gotta eat. Eat well.
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beating off.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post
Learn to play a musical instrument. After reading this article, I am tempted to pick up the ukulele.

I always assumed that the flute would be your favorite instrument.
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I didn't really consider it a hobby until recently. I can't call myself a 'picker', but that is the principle I apply. If you see something you know is worth money selling for less than what its worth, buy it and pocket the difference.

I've made around 700$ on maybe 85-100$ worth of purchases.

Obviously there is no reason to spend that much, but you can find cameras for 3-4 bucks and often times the lenses alone on them are worth 30-40 on ebay.

I enjoy it personally because I get a lot more out of it than I have to put into it.

Reading is the least expensive hobby, most library cards require proof of a permanent address and nothing more. Also, just about every library has 'friends of the library sales' at least once or twice a year. They work sort of like a thrift store, people give their old books and music to the library to sell as a charitable donation. I've picked up tons of good stuff for DIRT cheap. I bought 9 boxes of national geographics ranging from the 30's to the 90's for a buck a box.

Reading through the classifieds/craigslist a person can make a killing too.

Again its how much time you are willing to spend, and judging from your OP it seems like you've got plenty of time to make an extra 50-60$ a week.

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Distance running. You don't even need shoes...seriously
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Not sure what town you're in but if you can find a decent vintage racing bike on Craigslist, clean it really well with auto degreaser, car wax, chrome polish as needed, ride it for a while, learn more about vintage road bikes via internet, sell it for a profit then start over. I did this for a few years, learned a TON, had a great deal of fun, got in shape, made crazy money and now I own and ride the nicest bike you've ever seen (STYLE forum baby) You can see it here: Oh, I also thrift, enjoy cooking occasionally, read, practice Bikram yoga occasionally (expensive but amazing for your mind and body) and am a woodworker. If you can find a place that offers "rental" of woodshop space I would highly recommend that too. Making a piece (from a pic frame to a bed) is quite rewarding.
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Sorry to bump, but good threak.

After an incredibly busy school-year, I finally finished college (several years off schedule and with some interruptions along the way). Anyway, now I'm left with tons of free time I'd like to put to good use. I have a part-time job I'll be holding on to while looking for something better, and no other responsibilities. I consider myself at-risk for video game addiction, so I'm looking for suggestions on what I should do with my time before I end up going out and buying a PS3.

Originally Posted by Surfrider View Post
Anyway, here're my suggestions:

A fitness/athletic pursuit.
Useful skills that are applicable in real life.
And so on, and so forth...

Just the kind of suggestions I was looking for.

I enjoy cooking, especially baking, but I will be starting on a nutrition plan this week, so other than exploring different ways of cooking skinless chicken breast that's pretty much out.

I'm going to start a workout plan, too. I started this a New Year's Resolution thing but eventually had to stop because I didn't have the time for it.

I have a couple of DIY projects planned, but those will only take a couple of days each.

I sometimes enjoy reading, but I think I'll lay off books for a while. I'm always into researching how to do new things, though.

I also play a few instruments and have fun with it, but I realized years ago that I'm no musician.

I guess I've always been the "Jack of all trades, master of none" type, so I'm having trouble thinking of any special skills/talents that I can apply to a hobby.

Originally Posted by Mr. Clean View Post
Try going for at least one hobby that has the potential to expand your social circle in a positive way. From that perspective, it should be clear why playing golf is better than playing MMORPGs.

Also, I will be starting a regular poker game as a fun way to keep in touch with some of the guys from college. I've also promised to teach them what I know about Blackjack and card counting, after watching them sit next to me at a Casino and piss away money.

Any other ideas for social hobbies?
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Originally Posted by East2West View Post
Distance running. You don't even need shoes...seriously

Yeah, maybe if you have naturally good form and you've been running for a considerable amount of time with minimalist shoes. To start distance running barefoot without any prior training is asking for trouble.
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Originally Posted by MikeDT View Post
Bus spotting. You see a bus, then write down it's type, fleet number and route number in your little notebook.

This is the most boring thing I've ever heard.
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