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Highschool Graduation G2000 On Sale probably like 500 HKD total. Great suit for highschool/uni people.
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It is not a suit technically...It is a jacket and a pair of pants in similar color....
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My first was a Jones New York from S&K Menswear. They had a Buy one get one sale and my brother was buying a suit for an interview and let me get the free one. I still have it and still wear it on occasion.
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I went to Catholic HS but always wore SC and odd trousers, never full on suits. I needed a suit while in college as my uncle was being honored so I went to JCPenney in Roosevelt Field and got a grey pinstripe 2 button with a very low button stance. Looking back the fit wasn't too bad, but since I had a broken ankle, I wore running shoes...
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My mom and dad had me wearing suits from a very early age. The earliest one I remember is the one I hated most, a jacket and shorts. I was probably four or five, possibly younger. I believe it came from a store in Virginia named Thalhiemers, which no longer exists.
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I still fit in my first communion suit due to my workout regimen and strict organic diet.
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The first suit I purchased with my own funds was of flannel in a navy blue chalkstripe.

I'm sure there are early suits I don't recall, the first one I do remember was of worsted wool in a grey and black Glenurquhart check with a sky blue overcheck.
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