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Linen? Or chambray?
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Where can we buy this stuff online??
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This is all remarkable. All of these photos are amazing, and the shirts look fantastic. 

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Which online retailers carry Salvatore Piccolo? The ones I know are:

Frans Boone
Trunk Clothiers

Their selection is rather limited. Where can I find linen shirts like what's posted here and the shirts shown in Pitti photos?
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Frans Boone has some linens:

Maybe he'll get more; you could send him an email to ask.
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Thanks! I probably will. I like the shirts you posted better, though. smile.gif
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If anyone's looking for Piccolo's shirts on Frans Boone, the web site actually has more listed under the 'Previous Season' sale section. Those shirts would not show up should you search by brand.

Simon Crompton did a write-up on Piccolo today:
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Anyone have experience/handled the RTW tailored stuff? Looks nice--typical modern casual Italian Boglioli/LBM type shapes, crazy Piccolo fabrics--but not a lot of info out there.

Product shots only--Can't find any decent worn photos.

FWIW the prices seem relatively low considering the shirts tend to start in the upper $200s. Not a lot of stockists, though.

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