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This is Salvatore:

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The Rake article:
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Ended up pulling the trigger on one shirt from Salvatore, we'll see what happens
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Can someone make an estimated guess about the diameters of this collar?
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Just a heads up, Barney's will be stocking a special run of OTR shirts from them this fall. Check out ACL for more:
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Beautiful roll on thoe cuffs.
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A local shop is getting the MTM program - might be worth looking into...
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Anyone know where the most convenient places are to purchase salvatore piccolo shirts for someone located in the US?
I've seen some at barneys, yoox, and fransboone. I was wondering if there were any better places with wider selections?
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Originally Posted by cronicmole View Post

Can someone make an estimated guess about the diameters of this collar?[/quote] looks like the collar point is at least 9cm and the collar height is at least 4cm. But half a cm can make a lot of difference.
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Casual shirts, cotton flannel and linen




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^ Those look dope
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I need smile.gif that second one, Kaplan.
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Piccolo has probably the best taste in shirting fabrics of anyone I've ever met, he is also not afraid to experiment (in a good way). I can't believe he hasn't blow up yet, his stuff is so far ahead of the game.
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This one in particular looks downright fantastic. The shirt still has the soft linen look to it, but the fabric has real substantive, cotton-like structure. Impressive fabric in general, doubly so with linen.
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Casual shirts, cotton flannel and linen


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