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Any thoughts on Warby Parker?
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Just got these! So excited for when they come!!
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i have a pair of porsche design
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Ray Ban sunglasses are the good choice for the stylish wear. Last year i had bought a Ray Ban sunglasses I am still wearing it. That proves that it is a long-lasting and original piece of sunglasses that is found in the market. With its originality it has also given me a different look. It is perfect to wear in the place where we have to face much sunlight in our eyes. So as my experience with this sunglass, I have fond it the best sunglass in the market available till today.
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I've purchased some glasses from Warby Parker and like them a lot. I've had frames far more expensive but far less sturdy. The WP frames are made in China, but I've been using a pair of the Miles frame as my everyday pair since August and they hold up well. For 95 bucks, you can't go wrong; plus I've ordered glasses and returned them twice: they make it easy.
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Warby Parker is okay. I support WP's mission of donating glasses, and own a pair of em. But they're basically the same quality and styles as $20 plastic frames at other retailers like They have sales a few times a year with a 2-for-1 deal, and their frames are a bit chunkier and more substantial than other similar retailers like zennioptical (which in my experience tend to be smaller and more flimsy).
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I've now bought 3 pair of glasses online from Zenni Optical. I have a compound prescription with both nearsightedness and astigmatism. All 3 pair of glasses that I got from them have been perfect. I have several friends that together have bought probably 2 dozen pair from them, and none of them have had any trouble either.And at Eye Buy Direct Deals i got up to 35% Discount on Eye Glasses.
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I have Starck/Mikli PO302. They're the comfortable eyeglasses I ever had and I loved the design from first sight.
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By chance anyone know of a solution for frame squeek/creak? I have a pair of RB 2132, a wayfarer variant, that makes an awful squeeking sound everytime there is frame flex. The sounds comes from the lens rubbing against the plastic/acetate? Is it possible to pop out the lens and sand down or stretch out the frame? Thanks much in advance.
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if you are near NYC or SF, go check out their frames in person. I found the whole experience to be wonderful, and got a great pair of glasses for $95.
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I'm looking for new prescription eyeglasses.

I'd like something that combines classicism with a touch of originality.
Maybe a vintage shape ? For example, I was thinking about the Paul Smith Morse and Oliver Peoples O'Riley or Sheldrake.

My - not so easy - face :

Any advice is welcome!


PS : My prescription allows me any shape.
However, I often have to look up and down in my job. Thus, I'd like to avoid "low" frames.
Moreover, I have a pretty big nose that requires a pretty large bridge (generally between 18 and 21mm, depending on the shape). For example, I feel uncomfortable with Ray-Ban's New Wayfarer (18mm).

PS2 : Don't attention to the shirt. (Usually, I don't wear shirt with differentiate collar color...)
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love these frames from Dita:
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May also add the Moscot Lemtosh to my list.

How does the quality compare with Oliver Peoples/Paul Smith ?
I found the acetate to be really beautifull on PS/OP frames...
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Originally Posted by sho'nuff View Post
love these frames from Dita:

I have the top pair in smoke/gray:

You want to buy them?
I got the gold pair and don't wear the smoke/gray pair any more.
If so, PM me an offer. They retail for $500 and are in perfect condition.
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I am also a big fan of Dita. Dita Verve in Brown Tortoise A P3 is pretty classic. LaFont Aristo These are my glasses when I need something subtle. Oliver Peoples Advocate If you like old school / vintage styling, Dita is pretty great. If you like more modern / futuristic styling, Mykita is nice.
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