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I got some no-name brand when I went to China a couple years back

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I have a pair of decidely oversized Cutler & Gross frames in black; very '60s.
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Originally Posted by blackplatano
Man, that sounds like what i need. I was looking for olive green frames. You got any pics? I agree about the complexion thing but since im a long haired, green eyed, olive skin dude i think i can rock olive frames.

If you are looking for a green frame, check out anne et valentin. They have a nice dark green frame.

What do people here do for lenses? I have a set of the new Nikon lenses (172's) and really like them. In older glasses I had the older nikon lenses and they were pretty good too.
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look for a place to try on Alain Mikli frames. i think they have a more modern, unique style than most frames. but who knows, it all depends on how they fit your face, so just go try some on.
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still want some olive green frames, but they are hard to find. What is the real to fake ratio on ebay when searching frames? I found some designer frames unusually cheap all sharing similar pics.
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Are those what you wear? ^^^
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I've been looking at these for awhile.... But they are a little pricey at $650 for the frames.... more here I also am looking at
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those chrome hearts are fuckin' gross. The only interesting thing about them is that they will be destroying the overwhelming stereotype that glasses are only wortn by intelligent people; but I don't think Chrome hearts had that in mind. the ottica carraro up there are nice though.
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Yeah, I've seen some great chrome hearts glasses on japanese websites, but those definitely don't sit too well with me. Anyway, nice thread. I may buy a new pair of glasses soon (or get lasik...). I'll be sure to swing by optx
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Ya man Sasha is tight. He's usually there on the weekends, as a matter of fact I might go see him on Saturday. He always wants to clean my glasses whenever I go there haha.
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Originally Posted by blackplatano
Are those what you wear? ^^^
yup, those are the ones i got.
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I have a very hard time finding glasses that fit my face/complexion/eye type. I havent owned a pair of glasses for a few years after I switched to contacts but I really should get some glasses for backups and whatnot.
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Originally Posted by JET
If you're in LA go to optx on robertson and talk to my boy Sasha. You need glasses that suit your face. After you tell him what you want he'll set your mind right. He really knows his shit and whenever I look at people in LA, it's funny how many have glasses that don't suit their face or don't look good on them. The OPs are pricey at 300+ though, frames made in japan and lenses made somewhere else in europe. Everyone always jocks them too, even other people at sunglass shops.
Great post. It's nice to see good information like this being doled out. I've been an optician for 6 years (worked the job since I was 15; only working once a week for about four years though, to place frame orders and meet with customers as I'm the style consultant), and I can't reiterate enough how important it is to get a frame that fits your face properly and doesn't look completely horrendous when paired with your eye color, flesh tone and hair color. I'm thick-muscular and have very wide cheekbones, forcing me to wear at least a 50 eye. Anything smaller would look ridiculous and toyish on my face. You also have to take into consideration your bridge size, perscription and whether or not the lenses you need would looks ridiculous or even be feasible for what you're wearing, along with your seg height (if you're a fogey) and your eyebrow line. There's a lot that goes into choosing a good pair of glasses and that's why most people walk around looking ridiculous in them. It's like purchasing shirts from Jantzen using guesstimated measurements. With all that in mind I'd echo others' sentiments and tell you to find out what frame-type (chunky zyl, rimlon, rimless, full-rimmed metal, etc) and color would suit you best first, and then worry about branding. There's a shit-ton of decent to amazing eyewear out there, and you generally can't go wrong with something made in Italy. Safilo and Luxottica both put out sturdy, stylish and utilitarian frames for the likes of Rayban, Prada, Gucci, Versace (my everyday is currently this in a black), D&G, Dior, Imatra, Ralph Lauren, YSL, etc. If you're in NYC you might want to check out Fabulous Fanny's. They have a lot of off-kilter vintage zyl frames along with some high-end Italian boutique frames that are among the nicest I've ever handled (forget the branding but they're up front). The guys there definitely have an eye for fit and are as friendly as hell (they've spent a lot of time auction-hunting for jewelry/eyewear in my area of VA too, so we talk for some time whenever I'm in there). Someone mentioned Ottica Carraro and while I can't comment on the quality, I know they have a very antiquated and meticulous (read: better quality control and smaller batches) method of making their frames. Only problem is I put a mass order for the shop in in July and they said my frames would be ready at the end of September. Still haven't heard anything from them. They didn't charge us, but still, I was excited about these frames. Finally, don't buy Oliver Peoples unless you get them on the cheap. The designs are nothing you can't find elsewhere and they're extremely overpriced. I find nothing that separates the craftmanship from the frames pumped out by the aforementioned Italian corporations. I'm sure the Oakley buyout will not bode well for the company either, as Oakley's business practices are NOT customer friendly (and again, it's utter shit for the price). And that's all I have. Sorry for rambling. Being that I know little to nothing about selvedge or Edward Green shoes I get excited when I can help out in the fashion forums.
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