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Thanks guys.
Quar, they were his fabric. He can get Italian fabric for cheaper than I can.
Imatlas, yes sir.
HomerJ, I agree. In these pics the fronts of the Ambrosis is nicer than the Chan imo, The back of the Chans look a bit cleaner than the Ambrosis though. I'll try to post pics later today of some other pairs from each.
Nore, neither pants are perfect, but both are great. I have a fair amt of rtw pants and they often fit well, but one reason I like custom pants is that on rtw pants the pant legs tend to twist inward so that the crease sometimes falls on the inside of my feet rather than their front and center. NOt sure if this is caused by my body or the way some pants are cut. Maybe Despos or a tailor could answer that.
GBR, I think that's a common if not standard feature of Ambrosi pants. I did not order it. The Chan pants have a secret pocket inside the waistband, as is common in Asian pants (at least the 6 ones I've tried in 3 countries). I believe I did request that, and Patrick said it was standard. I believe.
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This thread has gotten much nicer now that it's been established that Ambrosi are somewhat normal bespoke pants with no mystical qualities.

empty: If the crease line is not falling on center, it's not you, it's the pants. To put this another way, that is one of the important concepts fundamental to bespoke make.
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The thing that caught my attention the most is that awesome spitafield wool tie (which feels like silk) you are wearing in the pic with the grey Chan pants, wow!! revolve.gif
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^Ed, no joke, it's probably my favorite tie. Panta is good.

FC. Thanks. You could be right. I'm sure you are when it comes to custom pants. But since rtw is supposed to have a standard fit, and I have this problem w/ a few pairs from different manufacturers, something is strange w/ me. But if so, it's something good tailoring can account for.

Here's a pic showing how the right (Vox's left) pant leg curves inward. If you look carefully, you can even see the side seam creeping onto the front of my shoe:

Here are the promised pictures. Sorry for the delay. Been busy w/ mod stuff. Same shirt and tie since I'm just taking pics for this post. First,
Chan fresco:

Ambrosi linen (pls excuse the zombie expression):

Weird. They're a lot more blurry here than on iphoto.
Edit. I think I fixed the images.
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Originally Posted by emptym View Post

Holy cow 4 months is a land speed record I have been waiting for my pents for 1 year and 6 months.
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I am pretty sure he said they were in the mail!
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Originally Posted by Fred49 View Post

Holy cow 4 months is a land speed record I have been waiting for my pents for 1 year and 6 months.

Sounds reasonable.

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Originally Posted by Fred49 View Post

I am pretty sure he said they were in the mail!
SA told me a few times that they'd been shipped but didn't provide a tracking number. After they hadn't arrive for a few weeks, I stopped believing him. Eventually, he told me he shipped them via DHL. They had no records of a shipment to me. Then SA found the tracking number. Lo and behold, DHL did have a package for me that had been sitting for weeks at their local office. Either SA wrote the address incorrectly or it wasn't legible to DHL. You might press him for the tracking number. Hopefully they'll show up somewhere.
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Thanks E I will give it a shot! The pents look great!
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I just hope I dont die of old age before they arrive! Could happen?
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It's only been 4 weeks and a couple of days! Ambrosi is a lying sack of crap! There it's out there.
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LOL,no pents are worth waiting for 2 years.
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I would agree but the sawed off little shit took a decent sized deposit and has done nothing besides promise to make good on the order. If anyone orders from him they are a fool. He will steal your money and never deliver on the order.
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Seems like Ambrosi's credibility is going down the drain. Almost similar to the Scott Hill issue with undelivered orders.
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That was the name I was trying to remember. Ambrosi promised that after a year of no product he would send out my pants. That was in February. You can see how well he has followed through? He does not respond to email. He has a representative in Europe that has gone out of his way to help and get some form of follow up. I believe that even he is now to embarrassed to even comment about Ambrosis lack of character and poor customer service.
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