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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

there was a blow up, and then everything was deleted

Gotta admit that it was pretty damn funny parody of a forum favorite's name.  Way better than some At least on par if not better than a famed trousermaker calling one of his customer.

But hey, I was not an Ambrosi customer and don't intent to be at least within this year, so I am instantly classified in the "never going to buy bespoke trousers in the first place" category.  Minority report style.

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Originally Posted by chogall View Post

Seems ad hominem attacks from some are acceptable but from others it's deleted post.

Some people have exhausted the moderation team's patience more than others. If someone pulls dumb shit regularly, no, he will probably not get a pass when someone else might.
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Tbh, it wasamusing. Shame about the draconian measures but i understand it. Noodle's rant at DWW certainly brought some levity to my day.

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