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Wow, this is a real cautionary tale.

They'll probably turn up at some point but any time you need to chase someone to such degree for a response, it can tarnish the experience, even if the Sistine Chapel of trousers eventually turn up.

Perhaps it is now simply that people should go solely through Armory or the various other trunk shows?
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This is quiet surprising, since this "timelessman" is some blogger that probably will mostly give positive review to the pents ...(if it delivers...) 


But Ambrosi is just everywhere, not only the Armoury, I think he is in a few places in China too (which I think is a bad move, his stuff will just be copied by his Chinese brothers in no time, probably 1/3 of the price with the same handwork) 

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I know timeless man personally and I can tell you that even the last time I ran in to him, which was a good 3-4 months ago those trousers were already a good time overdue. Prob 8 months overdue by now at a guess. Oh and he paid for them also.
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Originally Posted by jedwards View Post

I love that people on SF are implying they would fly to Naples for a pair of bespoke trousers rotflmao.gifrotflmao.gif

Well, that depends - how far do they have to fly ? :) I live in Denmark - And have been to Warsaw in Poland to visit a Tailor and Jan Kielman a couple of times. A pain in the ass - but worth the trip IMO.

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Originally Posted by marcodalondra View Post

Yes the Mola/Cerrato are in the 3th/4th generations. Their great uncle was already working as trouser maker for the early 19thcentury sartoria, and the uncle for Antonio Schiraldi. Another member of the family is a specialised waistcoat maker, some say the best in Naples

Cannot find any information regarding Cerrato online - would you be so kind to lead me in the right direction ? And anybody know what he/they charge for trousers ?

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He is cerratomarco on Instagram. Message him there... He has his email in a bunch of his posts as well. Best to ask him about pricing... I will probably have a write up on him in a week or so
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Thanks -  I'll check him out.

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Was trying to complement a picture - fucked it up apparently - as the picture is nowhere to be seen ...

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