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Final cuts - 40R Etro coat

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Recycling thread. Please take note of item numbers to avoid confusion. Clearout! All in great condition. Most of the stuff has just been sitting in the closet and not being worn, so here goes. Prices include worldwide shipping by registered airmail. Please excuse photos, tried my best with natural light, but the camera seems to take away some of the colour. Offer, buy any suit and get the Trussardi free (I reserve right to withdraw this offer at any time) 2nd May - added RLPL England suits and Zegna Couture XXX, also measurements on Boglioli 3rd May - sold one RLPL, reduced prices, freebie still applies, for now 5th May - different offer, choice of freebies with purchase of a suit with exception of the DB - either the DB suit, any tie or any shirt from the threads below: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=239717 http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=236787 5th May - Zegna flannel sold, DB claimed. Withdraw freebie shirts/ ties in favour of a straight price reduction. Anyone interested in those items can let me know for a combo offer! 6th May - clearance prices, RLPL and Zegna Napoli Couture XXX @ 350 each shipped. 11th May - woohoo, photobucket back on, RLPL 300usd-->SOLD, just the Etro coat left [5] Etro coat, herringbone with flecks of colour 40R. Very nice coat that I don't have occasion to wear. Asking 375usd-->350usd-->325usd-->300usd last one-->okay one more 280usd. Shoulder 19" Chest 45" Length BOC 36" click 'spoiler' for photos Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
[10] Ralph Lauren Purple Lapel RLPL Made in England. Grey stripe with herringbone type striations, 41R, great material 1% cashmere 99% wool. Lots of handwork. 425 usd shipped-->395usd-->375usd-->350usd-->325usd-->300usd SOLD Jacket: double vents, 3 roll 2 Shoulder 19 Sleeve 24 + 2 Chest 43 Waist 39 Length BOC 31 Pants: dual pleats, elastic side adjusters, braces buttons Waist 34+2 Inseam 30+2 Hem 8.5 [9] Ermenegildo Zegna Napoli Couture XXX 50R euro/ 40R US. Grey micromicrodot. This is top line Zegna, tons of handwork. Sleeve buttons are working so check measurements carefully, if they work for you, this is a great suit. Lovely light wool 15 Milmil 15, half lined jacket. Great styling. 425usd shipped-->395usd-->375usd-->350usd SOLD Jacket: dual vents, half lined, 3 roll 2.5 Shoulder 19 Sleeve 24.5 + 1.5 Chest 44 Waist 41 Length BOC 30.5 Pants: double pleats, nice 4 button waist closure like Borrelli etc, loop for belt buckle, waistband pocket, black lining Waist 34.5 and 2 Inseam 30.5 +1 Heam 8.5 Cuffs 1.5 [7] Zegna brown with POW pattern, lovely cashmere 20% wool 80% fabric. excellent condition. Selling because the colour doesn't work for me. Has been in closet since I bought it. Inside is most accurate but is richer brown in real life. Great suit. 250usd shipped.-->225usd-->200usd-->175usd last one, no more reductions on this [8] NEW Boglioli Coat 50 Eur ie 40R NWT cotton brown/ grey plaid suit, well made suit with details making it a great casual piece for the upcoming summer. Letting it go as I bought quite a few cotton Bogliolis last year and this one is actually quite similar to a wool one I have. Asking 275usd shipped. -->260usd. Pretty rock bottom, would be losing too much to reduce it further and may as well just wear it. SOLD Colour is closer to the first photo, the macro on my old camera is picking up too much light. Jacket unlined Shoulder 18.5 Sleeve 25.5 working buttons Chest 43 Waist 39 Length BOC 29 3/4 Pants: jeans like Waist 34 + 1 3/4 Inseam 34 Hem 8 like jeans To the person who asked, I'll try to get some better pictures soon Jacket 3 roll 2.5, double vents Chest 43 Shoulders 18.25 Waist 41 Sleeve 25 1/2 + 1 3/4 Length BOC 30 1/4 Pants Double pleats, waist band pocket Waist 34 + 2 Inseam 31 1/4 + 3/4 Hem 8 5/8 Cuff 1.5 Natural light photo. [6] Trussardi double breasted suit brown with subtle plaid pattern 6x2. Andrew Harris said at the time that it was probably a zegna but the tag (photo shown, which also shows colour most accurately) doesn't seem to correspond to what I've found. Nevertheless decent enough construction. Has been altered for slimmer fit. 125usd.-->110usd-->100usd-->90usd. I've been informed that the labels seem to be Pal Zileri not Zegna. Thanks. Final drop 80usd Jacket, double vents Shoulder 18.5" Chest 40 Waist 38 Sleeve 25 1/4 + 2 Length BOC 31 Pants 3 button waist closure no pleasts, single short dart Waist 34+2 Inseam 311/4 + 1 3/4 Hem 8 1/4 [11] RLPL Made in England 40R Navy with faint blue stripe, micromicrodots, almost flannel like gorgeous wool material. Lots of handwork. SOLD Jacket: 3 roll 2, dual vents Shoulders 18.5 Sleeve 25.5 + 1 Chest 42 Waist 39.5 Length BOC 31 Pants: double pleat, elastic adjuster, waistband pocket, slight grime on the inside of waistband Waist 34.5 +2 Inseam 30.5 plus 3/4 Hem 8.5 Cuffs 1 3/4 [4] Hackett Tweed, mainly brown with blue from afar but close up, a very interesting pattern. Heavy fabric about 16oz. Made in the British Isles. Bought from B&S again, but opposite problem, I can't fit into the vest - too slim. And this is the killer, it's a lovely tweed suit and I'd keep it if I could fit into the vest. But I can't It's a 38(L) and I guess a true 38. I did let out the darts at the back of the vest, to no avail, leaving the thread holes that you can see in the photos but wouldn't be that noticeable. It'd be a cheap sewing job to put them back I guess. Asking 350 usd shipped-->325usd-->300usd-->280usd last one-->260 definitely last, as I now fit the vest! (or is it the other way around) Not available Jacket Shoulder 18 Sleeve 26+3 working buttons Chest 42 Waist 39 Length 31 bottom of collar Vest Lapels 5 real buttons, 1 fake one at the bottom that you won't be able to do up anyway, also a vertical slit for your pocketwatch chain Chest at bottom of arm hole 38 Pants Single small pleat, side strap adjusters, button fly, split waist band Waist 33 + 1 1/4 Inseam 33 + 1 1/2 Hem 8 1/4 [3] Eredi Pisano suit in an attractive charcoal grey Loro Piana super 120s fabric. Subtle tasteful pick stitching. Excellent condition. Great staple suit but just too many in my closet! Asking 175usd shipped, worldwide registered shipping. SOLD Jacket 3 button roll 2.5, double vent Shoulder 18" Chest 43 Waist 39 Sleeve 24 3/4 plus 1.5 Length BOC 29 3/4 Pants Flat front, 3 button closure waistband 1.5" cuffs Waist 35 plus 1.5 Inseam 30.5 plus 3/4 (excluding cuffs) Hem 8.5 pic with flash ------------------------------------------------------------ Just wanting to clear stuff out. Had these in another thread but can no longer edit the OP so thought best to put it here and consolidate/ price cut also. Hope that's okay with everyone. Take both [1] and [2] for 80 usd shipped. -->[1] is sold, offers for [2]? [1] Nordstrom label, 100% wool, made in USA, blue flannel. Great staple for work. People often ask about the jacket length, I think that being a 3 piece, it is fine for me even as a 40R, not a 40L. Also if it bothers you, it'd be a dirt cheap alteration. I think it's a good suit - navy flannel is quite rare to find; I would happily keep it but just have too much stuff in the closet. Jacket 2 button (3 roll 2, the top button was added aftermarket it seems) single centre vent No spots, just the camera on my phone doing a bad job Shoulder 17.5 Sleeve 25 + 1 1/2 Chest 41 Waist 39 Length 32 bottom of collar Vest 5 buttons Chest at base of armholes 41 Pants Flat front Waist 34 +2 Inseam 31.5 plus 1 Hem 8 1/4 [2] Bergdorf Goodman navy stripeCustom pants. Side adjusters, double pleats, braces buttons and split waistband. SOLD Waist 34 +2 Thigh 12 Front rise 11.5 Inseam 31+1.5 Hem 8.5 Matching coat/ jacket with peak lapels and 5 button that are covered with the same clothe. The sleeves have 4 working buttonholes which like the other buttonholes are handmade. No vents, besom pockets. I guess this was one of the (pricey) suits for tall dudes; I bought it from ebayer Ann Condos thinking I could wear the pants separately and use the jacket separately as a coat. However I never did either. They've been in my closet for a year or so, so a bit creased, the last photo shows the colour the best. They are good quality items with plenty of handwork as you can see, and anyone who can make them work, should at least consider them for the pants. shoulder 18.5 length 40.5 boc chest 44 waist 43 sleeve 24.75
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Will you consider splitting these up?
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Nordstrom sold, recycling thread for Eredi Pisano. Bergdorf for free if you take the suit. Edit- eredi and bergforf gone, recycling thread again
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That Bergdorf suit is a Spano...this is a crazy good deal!!
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Added Etro coat
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Originally Posted by chobochobo View Post
Added Etro coat

What are the measurements and for how much?
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Measurements added to Etro coat. Cuts on both coat and suit.
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Added two suits
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Can we see some better pics of the Zegna suit, especially the color of it?
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reductions all round
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More reductions, added photo of zegna suit
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Reductions on Canali and Trussardi, pretty much the last ones. To RedScarf 7 below, sorry no fit pics. I haven't worn this since buying this and I just take photos of myself! It's a fairly standard 40R.
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Any fit pics of the zegna suit?
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Is the Zegna suit Roma or Milano fit?

And can anyone identify the maker of the Trussardi coat?
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Added NWT cotton Boglioli, last price cut on Hackett (the vest fits now). Also no more cuts planned on the other items.
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