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Wore the suit for about six hours to wedding the day previous. Then wore it to church the next day (many sins to be forgiven for ) and brunch. Still not that wrinkled and very comfortable.

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Just got a couple cotton jackets at Banana Republic for $40 ea on clearance, one black one khaki...and another medium blue one at LL bean (nicer and cheaper..on clearance...while I am not yet WAYWRN bold...I think they will fit in better in non-business meeting settings this summer, looking forward to it. Just got a gold linen jacket on the Bay as well...while I love my wool BB and Burberry suits & jackets...they are just sometimes to dressy for my everyday settings. With these I can fit in better. Plus, clearance cheap! I did get a corduoroy jacket at Bean's on clearance on a adds 30 years to me. That one could be headed to Thrift before its inaugural wearing, ugh....but I'll save it til fall and see how I feel then. Not much of a loss if you're not paying retail...
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Now that I've made a few unstructured (no canvas) cotton seersucker suits for myself, I can attest that they are very light and can be machine washed. The natural stiffness of cotton (and linen) lends allows them to be made unstructured, while it drapes almost no differently from a canvassed jacket. An unstructured wool jacket, on the other hand, is quite floppy and definitely doesn't drape as well as a canvassed wool jacket.


Not having a canvas makes a much bigger difference in the coolness of the jacket than any other change you can make to your jacket. I estimate:


going from full lining to half lining makes your jacket feel 2 degrees F cooler

going from a four season 280 g fabric to a summer weight 240 g fabric: 3 degrees F cooler

going from canvassed to unstructured: 5 degrees F cooler


Not having a canvas also allows them to be machine-washed, while I would be a little afraid of washing wool, even if unstructured.


In conclusion, I reverse my previous position, with a caveat: cotton jackets are fantastic, if they are made unstructured: they're cool and can be washed. A canvassed cotton jacket, though, is the worst of both worlds: they're hot and can't be washed. A fused cotton jacket would be even worse.

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The point of cotton is hygiene.
I congratulate Mr Wang to his revision of prejudice. Who wants linen creases? I'm not able yet to buy Mr Wang's seersucker jacket, and based on the photograph of the model wearing it on Mr Wang's website, fear the jacket length is too short up front. I intend to buy a 215g Brisbane Moss cotton unstructured jacket because I intend to wash it, my reason for washing is to avoid expensive dry cleaning and keep it free from any odor caused by the sweat of disco dance. I shall buy one size larger because of intended shrinkage.
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