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Raffaele Caruso - retailers in London?

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Short and simple:
Does anybody know where to find Caruso suits in London? I have searched this board and googled, without success.
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volpe in denbigh street sw1.
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I visited Volpe and came away with the understanding that they can do MTM from Caruso but do not carry any RTW at the store. You can try suits made for other MTM clients to get an idea of the fit but obviously that will vary from one suit to the other as they are not all based on the same measurements or cut from the same pattern

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the price for Caruso MTM but the gentlemen who run the store are a pleasure to deal with
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Thanks. I am actually more interested in their OTR though, as they fit me really well.

MTM is somewhat overrated IMHO, as I personally don´t see much difference from making a few adjustments on an OTR suit.
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Bump? Anyone have any ideas?
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Trunk Clothiers.
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Thx. What about Caruso made suits under other labels?
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Not sure. Not in London, but Yoox has had a decent Caruso selection in the past. There are some brands on there that have suits made by Caruso. It's been a number of years, but Adriano and Sons was one brand I remember that carried house brand stuff made by Caruso. There used to be a lot more discussion about Caruso on this forum. If you search around, you may find some info about brands that use Caruso.

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Bumping this. Save for Trunk, is there any Caruso to be had in the UK?
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I'm trying again on this - any ideas? Or other ideas for Italian RTW suits in London?
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There is a funny little shop between Lime Street and Fenchurch Street in the City which seems to specialise in Italian shirts, suits and jackets (Shirts Venice, if memory serves). Never been in, but from the outside they appear to have a reasonable selection of higher end stuff. Might be worth looking into.
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