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I sure enjoyed my summers along the shore of the southern tip of Norway. I would take a train through the Scandinavian countries. Summer is ideal, the babes look great, you have the long light evenings. You can visit London, Paris, Rome almost anytime of year and have a good time, but up North is to be enjoyed in summer.
+1. I'm kind of biased though, since I live on the southern coast of Norway, but it's beautiful. Can you say no to this? Be advised though, things tend to cost quite a bit. Want a beer? Prepare to pay $12 at a pub and $3-5 for a normal beer at the store. Something a little more exotic, like Nøgne Ø (a brewery located in Fevik, Norway) will run you anything from $8 to $18, depending on which type. A ciabatta at a café will cost roughly $10-$20. €700 for 2 weeks (assuming that's not including hotel and plane tickets) will cover food and drinks, but it's not going to be roomy. However, you don't have to eat dinner at a fancy restaurant every night, grabbing a baguette, some grilled chicken, a salad and a couple of cold beers and eating on one of the small islands is not bad at all. Apart from the rather stiff prices, it's brilliant. Long days, sun sets at ~12 am, but it's light again at 4 am and the weather is usually great. During the summer the Hove Festival is arranged in my hometown, Arendal, and the line-up is pretty decent this year, and the location is beautiful. It's a short plane trip down to Copenhagen as well, so connecting from the US won't be hard. Well, I'm not going to totally de-rail this thread, but feel free to PM me if there's anything I can help you with.