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Where should I go guys?

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I'm 20, have 2 weeks to spare in summer, and have to go somewhere in europe on my own.

I'm looking for culture, women, sun and anything else thats cool.

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I'd rather spend the 2 weeks on SF.
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Nice, France.
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post
I have enough saved up so I should be okay to have a good time anywhere for 2 weeks....but I'll say less than €700
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either prague (though I dunno about 2 weeks there), spain/portugal, or italy.

something into barcelona, work over to madrid (include a daytrip in segovia), work over to lisbon (with daytrips to sintra and maybe cascais) and fly home...maybe add another town in portugal.

Or, do a few cities of choice in italy (florence/rome/whatever) with the intention to end up in milan. When you get to Milan, hop the train up to the beautiful lake como where you can stay a night or two at the menaggio youth hostel (this is pretty sweet considering how expensive staying on the lake is in the ritzy hotels). After you have wound down a bit in one of the prettiest places in the world, you can head back to milan, see the last supper, explore italy's commercial city, and fly home.
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^ Great recs. I've also heard that Ciudad Juárez and Mogadishu are also lovely in July.
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any more ideas?
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amsterdam for part of it.
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I was thinking of going to Milan and Venice but most people seem to think Milan is boring, dull and expensive.
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