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Re. caring for a 100% linen sport jacket (lined):  I wonder if anyone would care to advise/comment on:


  • Is ironing (if done properly) more damaging to the fabric than steaming?
  • If ironing, and going for a smooth but not overly crisp look, which technique(s) would you advise:
  1. Mist/spray, then iron (high temperature?), with steam ___ without steam____, and no intervening material? 
  2. No mist/spray, then iron (high temperature?), with steam ____ without steam____, and over a thin (cotton?) fabric?
  3. No mist/spray, then iron (high temperature?), with steam____ without steam____, and over a dampened cotton fabric?
  4. Different technique(s)?


Finally, I've been advised that Jiffy Steamer's "J-2" or "J-2000" are appropriate and effective steamers to use on a linen sport jacket.  If anyone's had experience with it (or similar), and can give a 'review', I'd be most grateful.


Thanks, in advance, for any feedback!  As my username shows, I am very new to this. . . 


None of the above i used to wear huge amount of linen- Italian when really hot and Irish when not so hot and I have learned few things.


Some Guideline that worked for me when buying Suit/Sport Jacket:


1.Linen Suit (Sport Jacket) Italian cloth alway unlined (it will dry faster and it will be less warm) and if you have good tailor let him make you armpit (sweat) tab, you can change it over years.

1(A) ...-if really had to be lined than half (buggy) Lined with Breathable Material like viscose.. on heavier cloth made of Irish Linen

1(B).....and most important thing is- try to get Herringbone wave when choosing Linen as it  works better

1(C)..... make sure it's nipped in waist and roomier in arm pit area 


Next is choosing when and how to wear it.


2.Linen suits are less formal- so unstructured one is just right 

3.Linen suits are less formal- so if you are not senior or self employed forget it....well until casual dress day :)

4.Always wear silk Pocket Sq  ....contrast of cloth will work better and it is detail that will attract attention from wrinkles

5.Alway wear cotton one too....this one will be used if you have too

6.Linen suits sports jackets and shoes without socks is just about right (pay attention to point 2 and 3) 

7.Shoes should be light with thin soles most formal shoe ever to be worn will be English style loafer think...... Loake Eton type

8. Italian cloth Jacket goes well with button cuff shirt ..(unbuttoned shirt in summer eve is ok)...  with Irish Suit made of heavier cloth - french cuff can and does work well

never short sleeve shirt no matter how hot

9. Tie knot and tie itself .....keep it as casual as you can, so four in hand knot will do or avoid it altogether 

9(A) make sure summer Shirt is half size bigger in neck size... as it works better with tie, DB and cravats is hot summer days.... (practical application is simple as there is more room for cotton Pocket Sq work)...


Caring for items is rather simple:

1. make sure you garments are dry and ventilated 

2. simple shower steam will do

3 medium press if you really have too .....like after being soaked by sudden summer rain  


Hope this helps

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Thank-you, MickeyHardFit -- I really appreciate the detailed tips!  

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.....seems that there is now two schools of approach to Linen:


1. Old school like myself who do think that whilst driving convertible car wind might mess with your hair and in sudden downpour of rain you still need to stop or slow down in order to put roof back up and absolute truth is that some rain will be retained by car 


ATTENZIONE ;If you drive convertible there is strong chance that some Bird might make you feel lucky or inside of your car become richer 

But that comes with driving convertible as simple as that


2.This School of tucked-starched- crisp-cardboard-flat Linen suit where comparison is something like, well to my mind:

Buying a Chauffeur driven car and instead of being driven on the back seat and reading broadsheet you drive it yourself whilst listening to Sat -Nav

Seriously nip and tuck culture on linen cloth ???

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