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Met opera

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Can anyone tell me what the current popular dress code is for the Met or any other NYC Opera on a weeknight? (Not necessarily the code, but rather how most people are dressing.) Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as well. I consider my style more like Ralph Lauren or j crew than Armani/AX/Prada.
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Although I would say that it probably depends on the exact performance, you will find that most people are in tuxes or black/dark suits.
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GQ Lawyer is right. I may depend upon the performance. Opening nights are usually "black-tie", as well as special Gala event evenings. Most nights at the opera, however, will tend to be a "suit and tie", "sport coat and turtle-neck" sort of thing. Often people are coming from the office or straight from dinner before curtain. Not alot of time to get home and dress-up. Also, never wear a tux before evening, in other words never to an afternoon matinee performance. By the way, I work at the Metropolitan Opera, so you can go ahead and "bet-the-farm" on this one.
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It rather depends where you are sitting. People in the stalls, having paid a lot of money for their seats, tend to be more dressed up than the hoi polloi in the "Gods". It also depends what your partner, or the people in the group are wearing. There is nothing worse, than to be considerably over- or under dressed from the rest of your group. In a dark day-suit (navy, grey) with white shirt and colored tie (not black, not silver grey), you will never be wrong.
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For me going to the opera is an artistic experiance, so don't be so dependant what "other" are wearing, but there is this invisible tradition that you at least dress nice for it. If you have a dapper, navy, black, or even charcol suit, fo ahead wear it, with at least a patterned, solid(white to sky or med. blue shirt), a tie that will not detract from the face. If you have those, it's a good show that you will be fine at the opera. -If you don't have the appropriate clothes beyond your control, just at least be clean and neat. -lastly, enjoy the opera...
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