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Originally Posted by greger View Post
Some people have long arms and others short and yet jacket length is usually best at brow of the seat.
Caveat again (maybe I should put it in my sig), new to this, but what I picked up, there are three 'rules' regarding this: 1 (the easy one) - should be able to curl fingers around bottom of jacket. Agree with the shortcomings you mention. 2 (the aesthetical one) - should cover your behind. 3 (the theoretical one) - should divide body (minus head) in half. Still, I don't think any of these 'rules' should be set in stone. If one part of your body appears disproportionate, it's probably a good idea to start tweaking. -somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post
EA, I think this cut is wrong for you, it's too short and too slim fitting, that along with the high button stance isn't working for you. That jacket length does seem to work for some, but I find it a bit short overall, I'd go with something 1" to 1-1/2" longer. The pants need to be shortened in the back rise, that's whats causing the thigh to bag out.
If you're a bigger guy, I'd recommend looking for some pictures of Beppe Modenese. He rocks his gut and looks like a million bucks. EDIT: And I don't mind critique my fit threads clogging up the forum. As far as I'm concerned, that's the heart of what this place is about and we don't get such a volume of those threads that the other stuff is crowded out.
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I bought a new suit recently. Have yet to wear it anywhere, and thought I'd post some pictures to get comments on the fit. Feel free to bash my choice of shirt and tie if you feel like it. Shoes I know are dirty and need enhancement, socks are not what I would wear with the suit. 1. Cardigan under the jacket (mostly to demonstrate how it fits with something under it, ie cardigan, sweater, vest, not to be worn with full suit, but perhaps with some other pants), small double-cuff. 2. No cardigan, no cuff. 3. Details on pants, small double-cuff. 4. Details on pants, small cuff. 5. Details on pants, no cuff. Any comments appreciated on the fit/how to wear the pants/possibly some suggestions of matching jacket w different pants/matching with shirt and tie. Also, this was my first time trying a four-in-hand - usually do a windsor - so I know it's not too good, although it possibly doesn't show in the pictures. If you're wondering, I'm 20, around 177cm tall (that's like 5ft11 for you yanks) and weigh a bit over 60kg (is that 130lbs? can't bother to check.). Thanks for your help!
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looks fine but you need a smaller shirt collar on that shirt suit tie combo
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Cuffing is more then just flipping the hem up as you please. See that black strip there? That's a heel guard. It says on the inside to protect your pant from your shoes. Stuff like that would have to be moved, and a proper cuff does not show the wrong side of the fabric or the inside of the seam. There is proper way to make a cuff, and one would need a tailor. Though having 'em shortened a bit wouldn't be all that amiss, though not perfectly necessary. You would have the tailor cuff them when doing that, if there's enough fabric. Your tie knot needs to be a fair bit tighter. A FiH is not supposed to be that big. And good call on ditching the windsor. Giant fist knots pretty much always look bad.
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Okay, it's bashing time:

The cuffs are horrid

The glasses make you look like a 70's nerd

The sweater should be burned(with all of the other Cardigans in the world) the only poeple allowed to wear them should be old mean English teachers

The tie is horrid

You seem to have taken the Ralph Lauren model bait.
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Okay, despite what the person above me has written I don't think the tie is bad (I'd wear it) and cardigans are alright, worn correctly of course. I personally wouldn't match a cardigan with a formal shirt and tie but rather with a button down worn open.

I've never really been a fan of peak lapels either, but that's just a personal thing.

Are you trying to show us what it'd look like with cuffs sewn in?

The overall outfit isn't really inspiring, it's what you'd expect most people would assume people who go for job interviews look like.

Those shoes though are bloody awful, chuck "˜em.
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I'm just pretty much a suit newbie and was hoping for feedback of all sorts. Have worn a suit maybe 5-10 times in my life. That has been a pinstripe. Decided to get another one, so I have a bit of room for choice, as I'm starting my studies in the university of technology this fall, and there will be a bit more formal occasions. Shirts and ties I've got plenty, 5-10 shirts and about 5 ties.
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Its pretty good...especially for someone who hasn't worn that many suits.

Its seems like the jacket might be pulling a bit in the waist, or maybe you are just slouching a tiny bit in the picture. Not that big of a deal though.

I definitely don't like the thin tie with the wide collar, but maybe that's just me.

And the trousers need to be properly cuffed by a tailor.

Other than that, it looks good.

(And I dig the glasses.)
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On the whole, if you stood in a natural position, it is fine for a first suit. I have a few suggestions.

1. Never, ever, ever roll up your trousers like that. This isn't a fishing trip, and as others have mentioned, cuffing is something a tailor can do. These are not designed for that.

2. When you wear them make sure they sit on your natural waist, not round your crotch - just a tip for the future, it looks like you don't have that problem.

3. Don't force the cardigan on this one.

4. Don't match the tie knot to some idea of what people who wear Windsors/Four in Hands might be like. Match the knot to the tie.

5. Invest in a nice pair of quality black brogues (alternatively, Oxfords or Derbys) assuming your feet have stopped growing. It's time to get man-shoes, bud.

(...those shoes don't do anything for you and they need a polish at least. The design is weird and I see some sort of cushioning at the back, which implies synthetic mass produced footwear etc etc.)

As for shirts, grey suits look best with white shirts. Fact. A well fitting white shirt is your best friend whatever the colour of the suit. Get some proper, man-size ties too.

Don't be tempted to divorce the jacket and the trousers. Instead, buy yourself a bona fide sports coat/jacket (check the rest of the forum) which hasn't been designed to match any other item of you clothing. Suit jackets with odd trousers can look out of place. Browse the forum.

Good luck at college, bro.
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The pant legs look a little thin but everything else SFers tend to harp on (sleeve length, jacket length, shoulder width) looks right. I agree with whoever pointed out that cuffing on formal pants is more than turning the bottom up. Doing so looks really informal, so I think you should get them hemmed, as I think they're too long without the cuff.
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Yeah, didn't really have any idea of cuffing on suit pants, and didn't think this was the way to do it, was more of a way to demonstrate the length of the pants to get something to compare to. Also, as I stated, I wouldn't ever wear the cardigan with the suit, it was just to demonstrate how the jacket fits with something more than just a dress shirt. I should probably buy a sports coat of some sort later on, too. I do have some "man-size" ties, too. This is one of two skinny ones, I think. The wider ties are black, silver, white and navy blue. And agreed, I do need to find some new shoes. I think some brown/burgundy shoes might work here too, or?
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Cuff n tie dont work for me. The suit itself = good.

As for glasses comment earlier, since you have quite a thin face, dont wear such big frames. Invest a little money on some small rimless glasses and you will look cool.

You could also try contact lenses - in your country where winters are arctic like, you must have experienced the problem where your glasses steam up everytime you come from outside to inside. This wont happen with contacts.
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I like your glasses. Rimless glasses suck.

Suit looks pretty good, but the pants are definitely too long. Should go for no break with that suit.
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Originally Posted by Jabonator View Post
2. No cardigan, no cuff.

There is a giant crease running along the line at the botton point. If you start from there it should be pretty visible. Can't necessarily tell you what's causing it, but it does look like it's being caused by the jacket being too tight around the button point and then loose up towards your shoulders. There's also a slight bow to your right lapel. That one could be because your right shoulder is low.
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