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Just got a DB flannel chalkstripe suit and DB blue linen jacket from SuitSupply. They suggested a 40, but the jacket lengths were too short, so I ended up going with a 40L in both. I'm fairly sure I shouldn't size up to a 42L, but let me know what you think. If I decide to keep these, I'll obviously shorten the sleeves on both (and open up the vents on the blue one). Any other alterations?

(sorry about the mediocre pics & low camera angle)

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Bump to the top.

Danny Glover as Henry Sherman in the Royal Tenenbaums
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the button placement does not work for you
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the button placement does not work for you

Are they too high?
Took a photo from a slightly higher angle:

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still looks too high to my eye.
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Cross post from luxire thread.

I recently had the below shirt made by luxire and I think it fits me quite well, but not perfectly. I have washed it about 4 or 5 times and the below photos are after wearing it to work all day. I am going to get 10 or so shirts made for work so want to get it right. What do you all think?

I think I might narrow the shoulders a touch, raise the armhole slightly and possibly take the waist in a a bit. There is a lot of fullness in the back but I like the mobility for typing when I am at my desk at work. Would darts a be a good idea?

I have a large chest and fairly heavy, but lean build, which can make shirt shopping tough.

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All those changes might help. Letting out the chest slightly might help just as much.
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I have been through 4 or 5 iterations of fit tweaks with Luxire now and still think my shirt could be improved somewhat.

To my eye, the waist looks good but the upper back and under the arms is a bit sloppy with excess material. This is especially evident below my upper arm and armpit when I point my hands forward. Any ideas on improving the fit? I have a large chest so the fit can be difficult. Any observations or suggestions would be very appreciated. I thought about maybe removing the back pleats.

Pics below
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