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What is the forum's thoughts about tie bars?

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I was in Paul Stuart a few weeks ago, buying some Christmas gift (pocket squares, some cufflinks), I noticed a very nice selection of tie bars. Having never sported one myself, I asked the nice gentleman to see some of them. I liked a sterling model, and given the reasonable price ($48.50), bought it. Ive worn it a few times, and being a new addition, I am a bit self conscious about it. Each time Ive worn it I have gotten a few compliments, but I worry maybe its a bit too dandy-ish. I know plenty of guys in the decades of the 30's -50's used to wear them all the time, and looked great. What are your thoughts? By the way, I am talking about the kind that clip onto your tie about halfway down, to keep it from blowing in the wind, not the kind that goes through the collar. Thanks.
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While I'm personally not a fan of tie clips, I think they look best when placed in a seemingly accidental manner, slightly askew and on the diagonal.  Given that you're shopping at Paul Stuart, I suspect the clip will look like a deliberate accent, rather than an unthinking practice from the past. Coincidentally, I was just on the phone with Khan at PS asking him about their silk pocket squares, which are not featured on the website.  I thought I'd have him send a selection and pick one out.  However, I'm not sure about shopping in this blind manner.  The local Hermes has great squares, but at $90 they are twice the price of PS.
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I've never really felt the need for a tie bar, although my own style deity, Mr. Fred Astaire, often wore one. Maybe I associate them with the tawdry ones my dad wore, with a conspicuous "advertisement" for his company engraved on it. I tried tie bars under a vest to keep my tie arched up, and they didn't work, so I dispensed with them altogether. But an elegant tie bar would be a nice look if you want to control the tie's movement.........
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Oh, and DandySF, I like PS for accessories, too. They often have very nice pocket squares, braces, and ties, which if caught on sale, offer very good value and stylishness. I like their cuff links too.
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As a chiropractor, tie-bars are a must for me, there are certain adjusting positions where the tie would end up in the patient's face if it weren't for the clip. -Tom
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thanks for the replies, very helpful. I agree it looks best put on angled, looks less contrived. On another note, PS has an amazing selection of pocket squares, in silk and linen. I generally get just about all my squares there, however, I dont think I have ever seen them go on sale.
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