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If I see a quarter I will pick it up. Can never have too many quarters for parking meters. Hell if I see a dime it's worth something to the homeless guy on the subway so I'll pick that up too.
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I pick up change if I'm not in a hurry and it's clean. a. Every penny matters. I've saved up change (in a jar) and been pleasantly surprised when I had enough for a good dinner in a few months. b. I park at meters every day, so free parking is always good. c. Why the hell not?
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In college we wipe turds on dollar bills and set them on the sidewalk and watched as rival frats came by afterclass and picked it up and got shit on their hands.

One kid - I swear on this - got poop on his hand. Wiped it off in the grass. Found a bag or leaf or something and used that to keep the dollar. I would NOT take the dollar after getting feces from it
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Yes, I'm a cheap bastard who picks up any and all change I find on the ground. I actually have a special jar for all of my "found money" (it even includes a couple $20s I found under my car in a parking garage one day). Last time I was bored and decided to count it, there was just over $100 in it (I've been keeping the "found money" separate for about 3 years now). My wife asks me what on earth I'm saving it for but I have no idea.
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I only bend over for bills .
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In my culture, we believe that we should pick some up money if we see it laying around the public place because we compare this action to picking up the good fortune. If we intentionally leave it alone, it would mean that we leave the good oppotunity to others.

This, however, does not include places where school or office building where the money can be returned to the authority.
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I stopped doing this a couple of years ago but still have the habit of picking up change, including pennies: I used to keep a jar of "found money" and when it was full cash it in for bills and I'd donate it to some charity... one year I gave it to a Salvation Army kiosk at Christmas for example... Averaged about $50 dollars collected generally over a couple of years.
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Pick that bitch up! I make about 100 bucks a day, so that's like 30 seconds worth of pay. If I spent 15 seconds picking it up, it's like I'm making overtime.
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found a dime on the sidewalk this morning in front of the office. I had no hesitation in picking it up. But I did think of this thread when I did so.... I also wanted to note there were several people that gave me weird looks, which I was quite surprised at.
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I see change on the ground at least once a week while walking my 4 year old to school - usually on the block outside the school building. I point it out to him if he doesn't see it. To him it is treasure. Alone I generally don't bother. Someone else will see it and hopefully it is someone who needs it more than me.
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Man, I even pick up pennies on the street. That's capital!
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I would pick it up and use it as a prop for English lessons, where subject is about America. Ok class today's phrase is 'In God We Trust'.
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start watching at ~1:30
I want to try this, but not superglue it. Have someone walking and drop their phone. See who returns it and who doesnt. Arrest the scumbags who dont. Im not the most ethical person but stealing is the lowest of the low.
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