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career PR or coaching question

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I am toying with an idea, and I want some feedback on it, and some suggestions.

I am not going anywhere for a while, jobwise. I might stay for 25 years in the company, most probably I'll leave in another 5 or so. at which point, I will be looking for a job. I know, exactly, what I want - the same job I have now, with a company 2-5 times as big. this is a pretty specific position, not the type of thing that comes up every day, and companies only have one of them. so there are only 1000 of so potential spots around, probably less.

I get contacted every now and again by a headhunter, who have heard about me on the grapevine.

what I would like is to create a situation where, in 3-7 years, headhunters that might have the type of job that I am looking for, would have my name in front of them.

I have received a lot of prices at what I do this year - from a congressman, from the department of commerce. I will probably get a prize from my governor and there is a good chance I will get a prize from the president, in my field. I also make myself available to certain organizations to speak on my field, I have been asked to speak about what I do to people in position a few times in the past year.

ok, so here is my thought - I am thinking that maybe I could find somebody who could manage my "personal pr", like a publisist or something, who would keep my name in the press (in my specific field) keep me getting prizes and being invited to speak, those types of thing, and other activities to keep me in the awareness of the right type of headhunter.

are their people who do this? is it a reasonable concept? any other thoughts or suggestions?
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^For a reasonable services are available In all seriousness, I would assume this is a service that is available. However, my inclinations would lead me to believe that the return on what something like this would cost is not worth it unless you are looking to run for public election. But, that is just my uneducated opinion.
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yes there are definitely people who do this, called 'publicists' or 'personal pr' or whatever. i think they're pretty commonly used. i know a doctor who used one at one point. no clue whether it would be worth it. my 2c would be make sure they are producing results other than just pumping up your ego, as that is probably their main line of work.
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just a sidenote, z... going by the pr route will probably get you noticed by your ceo, and what do you think they'll think if they put two and two together if you aren't planning to leave in the immediate future?
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I honestly don't think my CEO would make the connection as to why I was doing what I do - he really doesn't get me.
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I don't know about PR guys, but my parents do a few things to keep their names out there/

-Contributions to a major industry newsletter on a fairly regular basis.

-Contributions to national publications when it can be arranged.

-Co founded a charity in our area that made some waves because it hadn't been seen here before. This can be tailored to generate awards on an annual basis, press coverage as needed, and is excellent for networking. It was additionally useful because it established positive recognition in an area that was important to have at the time.

-It sounds like you already have this one under control, but we establish ourselves with our local politicians (and eventually got involved). It sucks if you have to get heavily involved (I'd avoid it if possible) but well placed donations are a great way to get yourself PR opportunities (speaking, name in the newspaper, awards, etc.).

We've done a few other things like guest radio appearances, but they aren't particularly applicable here.

Hope that's at least modestly helpful
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Zach - let's chat about this when you are here. Next month?
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